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Do you struggle to explain news stories to your children?

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GeordiesMum Mon 02-Jul-07 19:10:44

My DS is 7 and has been asking questions about the failed attacks in London and Glasgow. How do you explain them to an inquisative child?

We do try and monitor what news he is exposed to but it is very difficult with it dominating the TV, radio and newspapers - it's even on Newsround! I try my best to answer the questions he asks in a frank, matter of fact way and without mentioning religion/ethic groups.

At school, they have discussed Maddy disappearance - another very difficult topic to talk to children about.

I love the fact DS asks questions but finding the answers that aren't scary or worrying to a child can be hard!

Anyone else experiencing the same?

TwoIfBySea Mon 02-Jul-07 20:36:59

We were near the airport on Saturday, thankfully not in it or too near. I did explain it to dts when the news came on and we finally discovered why it had taken us hours to get home. It would have been more difficult to explain if anyone had died though.

It is hard to explain things without going into too much detail and totally destroying their faith in humanity before they have reached the age of 6!

mumof2monsters Tue 03-Jul-07 23:22:19

I tend to tell my kids things about the news if they ask but basic minimum stuff that I know won't upset them.
For example with the madeleine thing they knew that she was missing from her mummy and daddy and mummy got upset but they did not know how she was taken or anything else.
As far as the terrorist thing goes they have not really asked anything but not sure how I could cover that one, not sure I would want to tell them too much.
When I was around 12 and the falklands war was on I came back from a school trip in france to hear that there was a war. My parents did not explain anything and I thought we were all going to be killed and I was petrified as no-one explained anything to me. I think best to do is say the basic minimum to them. I have never told my two kids lies ie: born under gooseberry bush etc, always thought best to be honest.

cat64 Tue 03-Jul-07 23:40:13

Message withdrawn

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