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Baby Zoe gets heart transplant

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SaintGeorge Thu 28-Jun-07 13:46:56

Some good news to brighten up water logged Hull.

Baby Zoe had her transplant in the early hours of this morning.

Whoooosh Thu 28-Jun-07 13:50:28

Oh that's teriffic news-fingers crossed for her recovery.

southeastastra Thu 28-Jun-07 13:50:32

great news

WestCountryLass Thu 28-Jun-07 14:12:12

Fantastic news for Zoe, I really hope she recovers well. Really sad for the donors family but they have given one little girl a great gift and maybe others too.

BikeBug Thu 28-Jun-07 14:14:14

I'm so glad for the little girl and her family - I saw her on the local news and she looked so poorly, I'm glad she's had this chance.

Saggarmakersbottomknocker Thu 28-Jun-07 17:49:55

Fab news.

Hulababy Thu 28-Jun-07 17:51:53

What great news; hope she continues to make progress.

fryalot Thu 28-Jun-07 17:52:44

that's great news.

How are you doing, I think I saw a thread a couple of days ago where you said you were flooded? need any help with anything?

LadyVictoriaOfCake Thu 28-Jun-07 17:53:19

fantastic news.

and is fueling on our own fight for emergency status.

noddyholder Thu 28-Jun-07 17:59:50

hazygirl Thu 28-Jun-07 18:05:04

TwoIfBySea Thu 28-Jun-07 18:07:09

Fantastic news and I hope she recovers quickly and is soon home with her family.

Marne Thu 28-Jun-07 18:13:22

So pleased for her

Great news

SueBaroo Thu 28-Jun-07 19:29:25

I'm delighted for them, but lots of good feeling sent the way of the donor's family, too.

Peachy Thu 28-Jun-07 19:30:35

As suebarroo said

I am so pleased she got the chance to have the op but am also quietly saying thanks for the parents who thought of someone else at a terrible time.

FioFio Thu 28-Jun-07 19:34:08

Message withdrawn

layman Thu 28-Jun-07 19:57:25

Fantastic news to hear. Hope it's a happy ending.

SaintGeorge Thu 28-Jun-07 20:02:23

squonk, coping thanks. Thread here.

SaintGeorge Fri 29-Jun-07 13:52:46

Update - Zoe is now off the ventilator and breathing on her own

FioFio Fri 29-Jun-07 19:52:30

Message withdrawn

RubyRioja Fri 29-Jun-07 19:56:13

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

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