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So we have a new Prime Minister then!

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homemama Wed 27-Jun-07 15:41:30

I don't really want to say anything in particular as everyone has their own views on GB and the government.

It just felt odd that their wasn't a specific thread on what, by anyone's account, is a momentous day; a new PM. That's all.

southeastastra Wed 27-Jun-07 15:42:05

new pm, same old waffle i bet

nickytwotimes Wed 27-Jun-07 15:42:55

ah, yes, sea, but wuth a scottish accent!

CatIsSleepy Wed 27-Jun-07 15:43:53


TheMuppet Wed 27-Jun-07 15:44:32

The only view me and my DP have is for a whole new government, so we they can sort the country esp NHS once and for all.
Coz TBH we hate living here, and i'm a Brit

Desiderata Wed 27-Jun-07 15:46:08

Oh, the bloke with the fat gut and the slack jaw that everyone voted in as PM?

homemama Wed 27-Jun-07 15:46:42

Yes, but that really is a thread about the Blairs, not about the fact that we, as a country, have a new PM.

Whatever your political views, it's a historic day and it's certainly news.

saltire Wed 27-Jun-07 15:47:00

Wonder who in the cabinet will keep thier jobs?

CatIsSleepy Wed 27-Jun-07 15:47:21

the whole thing seems to have been dragging on so long it doesn't really seem like news any more tbh

SoupDragon Wed 27-Jun-07 15:47:36

Why is it a momentous day? It's not like it a) was a surprise, b) will make any difference or c) was the result of a public vote.

TheMuppet Wed 27-Jun-07 15:48:10

Homemama - maybe an historic day and GB will be grining from ear to ear that he finally got there, but what will he do any different to TB?

TheMuppet Wed 27-Jun-07 15:48:50

I mean he's been in charged of the countrys budget for 10yrs and look where that got the country!

homemama Wed 27-Jun-07 15:49:57

Actually, Desiderata, we voted in a labour government. In this country, technically the party votes its leader and we vote the party. That's why, constitutionally, there was no need for a general election either now or in 1990.

TheMuppet Wed 27-Jun-07 15:52:00

Maybe so, but don't you think a general election should of happened so we could vote in who we wanted as PM?

CatIsSleepy Wed 27-Jun-07 15:53:07

you vote for government not PM

ahundredtimes Wed 27-Jun-07 15:53:39

Gordon Brown <swoon>

CatIsSleepy Wed 27-Jun-07 15:54:27

LOL at ahundredtimes
knew you wouldn't be able to keep away at mention of the divine GB!!

homemama Wed 27-Jun-07 15:55:04

SD, it's a momentous day because we've got a new Prime Minister. Surely that counts as being acceptable to be referred to as that.

I didn't start the thread to debate his merits, just cause I felt the topic was pretty newsworthy.

speedymama Wed 27-Jun-07 15:55:09

Anthony Eden's government changed leaders 3 times: Eden (resigned over Suez), Macmillan (resigned over Profumo scandal) and Hulme (Harol Wilson beat him in subsequent election).

TheMuppet Wed 27-Jun-07 15:55:36

CIS - i know we vote for government but don't you think as Labour are the party running the country we should of had sum say in next PM?

speedymama Wed 27-Jun-07 15:55:54

TheMuppet, read the history books.

ahundredtimes Wed 27-Jun-07 15:56:19

lol cat, I'm so predictable.

speedymama, completely right to mark the day on mumsnet. I agree.

He looked positively dapper sitting next to Tone at PMQ I thought.

CatIsSleepy Wed 27-Jun-07 15:56:41

TheMuppet...we will next election!!

speedymama Wed 27-Jun-07 15:57:07

I thin you meant Homemama

colditz Wed 27-Jun-07 15:57:12

who is it then? [ignorant peasant emoticon]

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