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Here we go again - Pakistan condemns Salman Rushdie's knighthood

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edam Mon 18-Jun-07 19:44:00

Just feel exasperated. A. none of their damn business who we give knighthoods to (not that I'm in favour of knighthoods or indeed Salman bloody Rushdie) and B. why can't these extremists understand that free speech is as important to western liberal democracies as respect for the Prophet is to them?

Oh, and C. why did the presenter on Radio Four not ask the Pakistani big wig they were interviewing whether he had ever read the damn book? Also failed to ask the British muslim peer who was attacking the knighthood the same question.

[grumpy emoticon]

policywonk Mon 18-Jun-07 19:48:23

Peter Hitchens (not usually a fave of mine) was magnificently irritable about it on Radio 5 this afternoon. 'What possible business is it of theirs?' and so on.

edam Mon 18-Jun-07 19:52:10

I'd normally be at least worried if not horrified to find myself in agreement with Peter Hitchens, but in this case have to 'fess up.

OrmIrian Mon 18-Jun-07 19:52:29

Infuriating isn't it? As if a man's work and life can only be defined by one (nothing like his best) novel.

And then there's the Catholic anger at a Taverner piece being played in Westminster Cathedral (correct me if that isn't right - can't remember) because it's inspired by Muslim scripture.

Kathyis6incheshigh Mon 18-Jun-07 19:55:34

which British Muslim peer was it?

edam Mon 18-Jun-07 19:57:59

I can't remember, was cooking/supervising ds at the time, but apparently he is either the only one or was the first one. Said knighthood was wrong, would damage our reputuation abroad, SR is the fount of all evil, etc. etc. etc. Didn't seem to occur to him that we are supposed to have a little thing called free speech round these parts...

Kathyis6incheshigh Mon 18-Jun-07 20:01:52

There are a few... must have been Lord Ahmed. I was thinking of Iqbal Sacranie but of course he is 'only' a knight.

Nightynight Mon 18-Jun-07 21:03:28

I certainly think less of Salman Rushdie than I did before, for accepting it.

SueBaroo Mon 18-Jun-07 21:03:47

OrmIrian, I know some Muslims are pretty ticked off with the Westminster Cathedral thing, actually.

margoandjerry Mon 18-Jun-07 21:09:23

Iqbal Sacranie - boycotter of Holocaust Memorial Day, and denouncer of homosexuals, who believes "death is too good..." for Salman Rushdie. All round anti-liberal? Yeah, give the man a knighthood for "services to community relations" .

Kathyis6incheshigh Mon 18-Jun-07 21:54:42

LOL Margo - maybe we should point that out to Pakistan and Iran to demonstrate that we don't care who we give knighthoods to.

It's quite a thought though, isn't it - the knightings of Sacranie (2005) and Rushdie are pretty good illustrations of a policy change in the last 2 years, aren't they?

OrmIrian Tue 19-Jun-07 07:19:57

Are they Suebaroo?

<<<<<sigh>>>>>>I will never understand in a million years the way religion works.

noddyholder Tue 19-Jun-07 07:56:47

I do think with the current political climate the powers that choose who to knight could have been a bit more sensitive We are all at risk from terror attacks no good adding fuel to the already big fire imo.And Rushdies writing is rubbish

OrmIrian Tue 19-Jun-07 07:57:55

Rubbish! I loved Midnights Children - one of my favourite novels

OrmIrian Tue 19-Jun-07 08:00:58

SOrry that should have said "rubbish?". Not quite so combative....

SueBaroo Tue 19-Jun-07 09:09:13

OrmIrian, yes, some Muslims consider musical instruments to be forbidden, so you put something as sacred to Muslims as the names of Allah to music, and it's like an insult rather than a compliment. I bit like reading a Quran down the pub, I s'pose.

If you then perform it in a Trinitarian Christian church, and there's a whole world of offense to be had.

You're right though, it's a complicated business.

Aloha Tue 19-Jun-07 09:12:37

If it was Sacranie, I think the really shocking and appalling thing is that utterly dreadful man was given a knighthood. He's disgusting.

Aloha Tue 19-Jun-07 09:13:05

I think they should get over themselves.

OrmIrian Tue 19-Jun-07 09:14:32

I never knew that Suebaroo - I knew that images of Allah were not permitted but didn't know that music wasn't. The Taverner thing would be a problem then...

FioFio Tue 19-Jun-07 09:16:20

Message withdrawn

Aloha Tue 19-Jun-07 09:16:50

Not for me, it isn't. I find it SO offensive that they have rules that they choose to live by but then expect everyone else to live by them too - on pain of death! Aaargh! I had to turn the news off last night as I find it fills me with rage.
I find the kind of religious 'morality' that gets upset about a bit of respectful singing or a novel, but thinks murdering writers, editors and translaters is a jolly good idea is well...words fail me.

edam Tue 19-Jun-07 09:21:49

I don't see why we should be sensitive to nutters, tbh. Free speech is a very important principle and we shouldn't give in to extremists who try to silence anyone who discusses ideas.

oliveoil Tue 19-Jun-07 09:26:05

did anyone watch Jon Snow (I think) on channel 4 news?

he was interviewing someone, I forget the name, and really grilled him

what shocked me was footage of people burning Salman Rushdie pictures (from years ago) and in the background was BIG BEN!!! How was that allowed in this country????

edam Tue 19-Jun-07 09:27:39

Oo, don't you remember when it all kicked off? Muslim friends of mine were very depressed about it at the time, saying the extremists were giving them a bad name.

Fio, it was the Pakistani parliament, so representing the nation. Nice of them to call for suicide bombings.

FioFio Tue 19-Jun-07 09:28:33

Message withdrawn

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