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David Beckham will not get a Knighthood.....

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UCM Fri 15-Jun-07 11:26:49

Ok is it just me or do these knighthoods get handed out to totally unknightly people

purplemonkeydishwasher Fri 15-Jun-07 11:28:05

they just give em to celebrities.

UCM Fri 15-Jun-07 11:28:57

The very thought of Sir & Lady Beckham makes me itch.

suzycreamcheese Fri 15-Jun-07 11:42:23

by todays standards he's probably not worse candidate really
at least he never started a war
they will have to give blair one, do you reckon?

it shows up 'honours' system up for pile of kack that it is
i wouldnt to call anyone lord or lady, sir, mrs but not that..

.well, its not the middle ages & am not a serf......

donnie Sat 16-Jun-07 12:17:15

I think Peter Andre deserves one. So does Jade Goody, the female equivalent anyway.

motherinferior Sat 16-Jun-07 12:23:32

My mate got one

Is local government bod though, not footballer.

cupcakes Sat 16-Jun-07 12:27:56

if he was knighted after captaining a winning world cup team I could understand it.

But otherwise the thought makes me want to cry (kind of).

jenk1 Sat 16-Jun-07 14:53:37

he doesnt live in this country or pay taxes AFAIW so no, he shouldnt be given one.

Freckle Sat 16-Jun-07 16:25:28

I do object to honours being handed out to people who have already been richly rewarded for doing something they love. Honours should go to people who give of themselves to the community and society for no financial reward.

MaloryTowers Sat 16-Jun-07 16:29:20

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

MaloryTowers Sat 16-Jun-07 16:29:20

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

yackyack1 Mon 25-Jun-07 23:23:17

Hang on, there's chance yet isn't there as Tony Blair will have a resignation honours list. Don't celebrate the lack of a title for Lord and Lady Beckham just yet

Eight Mon 25-Jun-07 23:47:57

Oh god, can you imagine Lady Posh?

yackyack1 Mon 25-Jun-07 23:56:54

I know, what a horrifying thought as she's already intolerable with the fame she's got!

Hands up who's going to leave the country if she becomes a Lady?!?!?!

JoolsToo Mon 25-Jun-07 23:59:09

they're like degrees

dumbed down (some of them)

yackyack1 Tue 26-Jun-07 00:36:36

i think most of them are - is there any celeb who doesn't get one?

I bet that two year old with the Mensa ranking gets one next year

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