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Aretha Franklin has passed away

(56 Posts)
DavetheCat2001 Thu 16-Aug-18 15:09:54

Sad news.

SanFranBear Thu 16-Aug-18 15:10:49

Oh no sad She was an incredible talent and woman!

RIP flowers

HonkyWonkWoman Thu 16-Aug-18 15:10:49

Oh no! Great Singer RIP

StealthPolarBear Thu 16-Aug-18 15:11:08

Yes R I P and lots of R E S P E CT

cheesemongery Thu 16-Aug-18 15:12:34

A true legend. Thank you Aretha for my memories X

MeetOnTheLedge Thu 16-Aug-18 15:13:11

So sad. What a talent she had.

Buzzlightyearsbumchin Thu 16-Aug-18 15:14:23

What a woman.

RIP flowers

whathaveiforgottentoday Thu 16-Aug-18 15:18:11

RIP, Such a talent and what a legacy of fine music she leaves behind. She will be missed.

noeffingidea Thu 16-Aug-18 15:30:04

Rest in power and glory Queen Aretha.

MistressOfTheGarter Thu 16-Aug-18 15:41:08

omg so sad! She was and will always be a legend.

rainbowsandsmiles Thu 16-Aug-18 15:45:26

Sad news sad absolutely incredible voice. RIP

RomanyRoots Thu 16-Aug-18 15:55:27

How sad, what an amazing voice.
RIP thanks

mammmamia Thu 16-Aug-18 16:14:42

George is waiting for you Aretha. RIP

haverhill Thu 16-Aug-18 16:15:23

I was just thinking the other day how long she had been famous and what a legend she was. RIP Aretha.

iklboo Thu 16-Aug-18 16:15:47

RIP Arethra. Thank you for the music.

iklboo Thu 16-Aug-18 16:16:12

Argh! Aretha sorry blush

lastnamefirstfirstnamelast Thu 16-Aug-18 16:19:08

This is just so sad.

"you send me" is one of my favourite songs xx

xsquared Thu 16-Aug-18 16:51:28

RIP Aretha.

tribpot Thu 16-Aug-18 16:55:55

Aretha taking the roof off at the Kennedy Center awards only three years ago. Just incredible. What power.

And Sisters Are Doing It For Themselves. Iconic.

DarlingNikita Thu 16-Aug-18 17:37:29

So sad. Another one of the greats gone.

I've been watching her performance at the Grammys in the 90s, when she was asked to replace Luciano Pavarotti and do Nessun Dorma with no time to rehearse. shock

Gooseysgirl Thu 16-Aug-18 17:40:06

Very sad news 😢

tootstastic Thu 16-Aug-18 17:43:52

One of the greatest voices of all time...terribly, terribly sad thanks

StealthPolarBear Thu 16-Aug-18 17:45:49

They've just talked about her on the news Nd obviously her music was playing in the background. I was shouting "shut up I want to hear this" at the news guy - I'm not even really a fan of her music grin

SneakyGremlins Thu 16-Aug-18 17:53:36


BlackBeltInChildWrangling Thu 16-Aug-18 18:02:32

Much love and respect for the woman and her music. The Obamas' tribute is very good. Another one thinking they'll be raising the roof in Heaven tonight.

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