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Pedophile stings

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lola212121 Sat 11-Aug-18 22:53:10

There are quite a few pedophile sting groups about aiming to protect children , however what disturbs me is that a lot of these males appear to have learning difficulties , in fact one who killed himself was a vulnerable person .
What are people's thoughts on these stingers ?

NotSuchASmugMarriedNow1 Mon 13-Aug-18 22:11:54

Interesting post and I was thinking about this last week. I've been looking at those sites and the live "stings" that they carry out and, to be honest, i'm really depressed that there are so many men out there who are grooming children - I honestly never knew there were that many, I thought it was an uncommon occurrence but Dark Light seem to be exposing someone almost every day of the week.

I know what you mean about some of the men having low intelligent/learning difficulties but I'm guessing that its paedophiles like that who are stupid enough to be caught in a sting. Maybe paedophilia is linked to low intelligence? There aren't any professors or quantum physicists caught in those stings.

A depressing number of the men are also married with kids. Wonder how they treated their kids?

Nicknacky Tue 14-Aug-18 09:07:46

They are dangerous and more and more of them are popping up. Some of them I do believe have their hearts in the right place but others are just appalling. I watched a video of one last week where they assaulted the man and even the comments from supporters were telling them to stop what they were doing.

And the police tolerate the groups because they have to deal with it but certainly don’t encourage or approve of their actions.

PolkerrisBeach Tue 14-Aug-18 09:08:28

They should leave it to the police. Mob mentality at its worst.

HarmlessChap Tue 14-Aug-18 13:51:58

Some are OK and operate to a decent evidential level, many many others are just glory hunters and thugs.

YeTalkShiteHen Tue 14-Aug-18 13:53:00

Some are OK and operate to a decent evidential level, many many others are just glory hunters and thugs

This. I’m extremely sceptical of the ones who live stream or video the stings. The ones who hand proper evidence to the police I can live with.

Hidingtonothing Tue 14-Aug-18 14:03:57

Whatever the rights and wrongs of what they do they are the symptom, not the cause. I’m with you NotSuch, I find it depressing (and terrifying) how many groomers/paedophiles are actually out there and I’m much more concerned about that than the hunters tbh.

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