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Dutch anti-immigrant politician takes own life after claiming rape by ‘Muslim gang’

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Auti Sat 11-Aug-18 15:47:24

A city councilor in The Hague and member of the anti-immigrant Freedom Party has taken her own life, hours after posting a video on Facebook in which she claimed she was gang-raped by Muslims as part of an intimidation campaign.Willie Dille, 53, reportedly ended her own life on Wednesday, two days after sharing a video on social media in which she claimed to have been kidnapped and raped by a Muslim gang over a year ago.

Shinesweetfreedom Thu 06-Sep-18 01:01:07

Bloody hell I am surprised no one on mumsnet has anything to say about this.

Sinuhe Thu 06-Sep-18 01:05:45

It's a very sensitive subject...

Shinesweetfreedom Thu 06-Sep-18 01:35:02

Sinuhe Ah I follow what you are saying

Miljah Wed 12-Sep-18 23:41:09

I don't, can someone explain?

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