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If you force a woman to touch male genitalia - is she being abused?

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bkgirl Thu 17-May-18 01:08:01

I read this story about a muslim lady refusing to wax male genitalia. Regardless of religion, is acceptable force anyone to do this with the law acting effectively like a weapon?
Where do we draw the lines? In addition, what if the beautician was 16 or 17?

bkgirl Thu 17-May-18 01:12:30

Incidentally, I recognise the case is about disclosure of the name. It still throws up valid questions though. It would be appreciated if any discussion was mindful of mumsnet rules. We are after all, reasonable, compassionate people. smile

Whyarealltheusernamestaken Thu 17-May-18 01:23:58

This is a non story and you are stirring, where is the fault?

Coyoacan Thu 17-May-18 01:56:31

A non-story? If the court finds against the spa, the owner will have to refuse to hire Muslims

bkgirl Thu 17-May-18 03:24:30

Seriously, can you not see how awful it is to force someone to touch genitalia when they don't want to for any reason? Especially when you consider 1 in 20 children have been sexually abused * NSPCC, now imagine a girl going to work somewhere she feels safe - with women following such a past and ends up with such a dilema. By away, I would apply the same 'right' or consideration to any man. If the worker was comfortable with it fine but if not then they should be under no pressure. Should this not be the law?

BritInUS1 Thu 17-May-18 04:21:56

I think she would have understand the remit of the job when she took it. If she was uncomfortable with any element maybe she shouldn't have taken the job.

WickedLazy Thu 17-May-18 04:30:41

"Jason Carruthers, the president of Mad Wax on Walker Road, said he was surprised at the legal move since he had explained to the complainant that the spa did not offer Brazilian wax services on male body parts.

'I have no male wax staff,' Carruthers said Friday. “We are not able to provide that service."

She understood the remit of her job, the salon wasn't unisex, she hadn't been trained to wax male genitalia.

Coyoacan Thu 17-May-18 04:32:01

I think she would have understand the remit of the job when she took it

Well the fact is that the owner said it was not the remit of her job.

Fflamingo Thu 17-May-18 05:41:26

Interesting- can it be seen as sexism to only wax women’s bits. I don’t think so. As they can say they are not trained for men’s bits so salon should be in the clear. So glad I’m not a beautician the thought of fiddling around with a strangers goolies does not appeal!

claraschu Thu 17-May-18 05:58:44

This is an issue because this customer will be claiming to have a female penis. The customer will be making a scene because he/she will be acting offended that this particular penis was called "male".

Candyflip Thu 17-May-18 06:24:55

whyarealltheusernamestaken have you been asleep for a very very long time? How is this a non-story? Wow.

Gileswithachainsaw Thu 17-May-18 06:28:56

Staff have the right to refuse service to anyone for any reason.

She absolutely shouldn't have to touch anyone she doesnt want to. The scrotum /penis is a delicate area you can't just wax without training it's dangerous.

abbsisspartacus Thu 17-May-18 06:32:12

If someone had done it and damaged the genitalia he would have invalidated his insurance he should never mentioned the religious angle just stated there are no appropriately trained staff there

natgt Thu 17-May-18 06:35:53

Why are you bringing nspcc into this? Why would a child be offering female intimate waxes??

Gileswithachainsaw Thu 17-May-18 06:40:24

Is this the one where he's been hanging around outside and creeping out?

Candyflip Thu 17-May-18 06:46:05

Because there are often young trainees in such establishments natgt

Yumyumpigs Thu 17-May-18 06:54:32

"Female" penis.... odfod

BoneyBackJefferson Thu 17-May-18 06:56:27

Although I agree with your premise that no-one should be forced to touch another person's genitals.

In this case no-one was.

FabulouslyGlamorousFerret Thu 17-May-18 06:58:02

The comments on the page are bonkers! Next time there is no female GP to give me a smear test, I will demand that there is one in duty and available at a time to suit me!

Entitled dickhead, I have no issue with trans people .. but don't be a twat!!

NotARegularPenguin Thu 17-May-18 07:03:35

And it’s idiots like this which give the rest of trans people a bad name. These stories are what people see in the press. But I wish that decent minded trans people would be openly up in arms about this and come out saying that no woman should be forced to touch a penis.

I really hope the court find in favour of the spa.

claraschu Thu 17-May-18 07:04:50

Yumyum I suspect that this is what is going on, though it is not clearly stated in the article. It is outrageous, but apparently actually happening. I hope you weren't telling me to fuck off, because I was pointing out that this might be what is going on, and if it is, then that is outrageous.

Gileswithachainsaw Thu 17-May-18 07:11:33

Where are the comments I can't se them?

abbsisspartacus Thu 17-May-18 07:14:58

Ferret that is not comparable female GPs and male are both trained the same the training for waxing is different it is a separate course to learn male waxing same as you need to be trained as a barber for men's hair and how to shave men etc if no one has done the appropriate training they cannot provide the service legally they cannot provide the service

Mxyzptlk Thu 17-May-18 07:23:55

he should never mentioned the religious angle just stated there are no appropriately trained staff there

It is relevant, tho, as salons could be forced into discriminating against job applicants because of their religion, if the transwoman wins the case.

Mxyzptlk Thu 17-May-18 07:28:18

Even if a transwoman has had their penis removed, they still have a male body and a female Muslim therapist would not want to treat such a person.

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