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Dame Tessa Jowell has died

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ChampagneCommunist Sun 13-May-18 07:54:48

So sad to hear this, she went through so much.

MrsSchadenfreude Sun 13-May-18 07:56:44


TempleOfBlooms Sun 13-May-18 07:58:05

So sad. When she was a Minister I worked for another Minister she was close too and so I saw her quite regularly. She was always friendly, always remembered my name, always enthusiastic, she also had a very witty sense of humour. She was definitely one of the forces for good in politics and in day to day life. She even tried to turn her illness into a force for good with her campaign to allow terminally ill people to take part in more medical trials. RIP Tessa.

Hassled Sun 13-May-18 07:58:09

Oh no - that's incredibly sad. It seems like not very long ago she gave that speech in the Lords about her diagnosis.

topcat2014 Sun 13-May-18 07:58:37

V sad to hear that - even though I vote for the 'other side' the loss of anyone who has contributed to public life is a shame.

BusMum79 Sun 13-May-18 08:01:16

Really sad. She was my local MP. Very brave woman who suffered a great deal with her illness.

redexpat Sun 13-May-18 08:16:16

WHAT?! I went door knocking with her once. She had a raw silk jacket on which I wanted to stroke but didn't, obviously.

yolofish Sun 13-May-18 12:06:18

Very sad. Glioblastoma is the cruellest of cancers IMO, we watched my friend's 19 year old daughter die from it. While her body shut down, her mind knew everything. Glio takes away what makes you able to be you.
She won awards for her vlog -
RIP Tessa, and the 4,999 others who die from this cancer in the UK every year.

applecatchers36 Sun 13-May-18 14:14:38

Just been reading her obituaries and burst into tears ( am pregnant) but she seems like a rare, thing a decent, sensible, likeable politician. Her work with early years, equality, the Olympic bid and more recently trying to 'join up' research and focus on living well with cancer is inspiring. How very sad, as some one upthread said, she did appear a force for good in the world. RIP Tessa.

Jasmineforever Sun 13-May-18 18:55:08

I've just read a dedication from her daughter-in-law. Whether or not you agreed with her politics, it sounds like she was a wonderful person.

BigChocFrenzy Sun 13-May-18 19:47:03

Sad loss of a brave woman
Even when she must have realised she was dying, she was speaking in the HoL, advocating for fellow cancer sufferers.

Unusually warm tributes from her erstwhile political opponents, who respect this

Cwenthryth Mon 14-May-18 08:19:45

Sad news. Beautiful brave words from her daughter on R4 this morning describing how her family were with her during her final days.

She achieved so much that has and will continue to have a massive impact especially on women’s lives in this country. Obituary written by Yvette Cooper in the Independent - whatever your politics, her achievements are awe inspiring
Tessa Jowell showed us how politics should be done. She walked through walls, and never gave up - The Independent

Some of her legacy is under threat though, with funding being cut to children’s centres left right and centre, Save Our Children’s Centres has a petition to parliament, they’re close to 10,000 signatures, it was posted on Twitter as a fitting way to respect Tessa’s legacy to ask parliament to protect it.

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