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Madeleine McCann - we need YOUR help to try and find this little girl.

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ThisIsDavinaPleaseDoNotSwear Fri 11-May-07 09:27:40

This is slipping from the news and the police are starting to scale down their seraches.

Evidence seems to suggest that Madeline may have been taken to Spain and yet very few people out there are aware of what has happened or what she looks like etc.

We need to send as many emails as we can to Spanish businesses with a poster attachment and highlight this case.

I need mumsnetters to volunteer.

I have called in sick today to get this started but this is a massive task and I cannot do it on my own.

Please let me know if you can help.

popsycal Fri 11-May-07 09:29:07

is there anyone who could write an email in spanish?

ThisIsDavinaPleaseDoNotSwear Fri 11-May-07 09:31:36

Hi Popsycal. The family have already translated one of the posters into Spanish but we need ome wording for the subject title and also some text to go with the attachment and then get that translated into Spanish.

My husband works with some Spanish Collegues so I may be bale to get him to help but Im sure we also have some Spanish Mumsnetters.

Enid Fri 11-May-07 09:32:26

Good luck with it.

Please try and spell her name correctly.

GloveandSpecialsauce Fri 11-May-07 09:33:22

A spanish boy Jeremy did dissapeared 1 month ago in the Canary Islands while playing outside his front door.

Withing 2 hours of his dissapearance the Ports Authorities and Airports were alerted.

The whole island was searched still the poor puppet hasnt' been found.

His face was shown in all newspapers, tv programmes etc.

I would recommend you contact the follwoing




Television Espanola
Tele 5
Canal 4
Antena 3



ThisIsDavinaPleaseDoNotSwear Fri 11-May-07 09:33:36

For the subject bar how about.......

Please help, 3 year old girl abducted - believed to be in Spain.

I don't know if this is eye catching enough though

anyone have suggestions?

twofalls Fri 11-May-07 09:35:26

I really am out the door but how about starting a thread saying CALLING ALL SPANISH MN's to get their attraction? Sorry if this has already been suggested. Will call back in later to see what I can do to help. Well done Davina.

GloveandSpecialsauce Fri 11-May-07 09:35:50

i am spanish

ThisIsDavinaPleaseDoNotSwear Fri 11-May-07 09:36:32

I have spelt her name incorrectly (many thanks Enid)


You will have to forgive appalling spelling in the rest of my posts though, but yes it is important to get her name right.

geekgrrl Fri 11-May-07 09:37:53

I am going to the Costa de la Luz in a couple of weeks

can take some posters if there is one in Spanish?

I don't speak Spanish v. well though so would appreciate a letter in Spanish outlining the situation to show to shopkeepers if possible.

Sunyshineymummy Fri 11-May-07 09:38:39

Just asked a friend who has colleagues in Spain if he can e-mail the note to them out there. I'll help if I can but am only in the office until lunchtime.

ThisIsDavinaPleaseDoNotSwear Fri 11-May-07 09:38:52

Glove, thanks for your list of TV stations etc that is brilliant.

We just need to decide on the text and then can you translate?

I want to make sure we get this right so will wait for some more advice here.

Then we can start drawing up a list of business categories.

fireflyfairy2 Fri 11-May-07 09:39:16

She's Mc Cann not Mc Gann

GloveandSpecialsauce Fri 11-May-07 09:41:39

in my opinion the best would be to call

AGENCIA EFE which is the main NEWS FEEDER in Spain.

just checking if main Spanish newspapers have picked up on the story.

I must get back to work now. I will make a few phonecalls and get back to you.

ThatBeetroot Fri 11-May-07 09:43:16

There is an email going around already - have you received it? If not I can send it to you and it has a photo attached

ThatBeetroot Fri 11-May-07 09:43:43

my emial is beetroot beetroot @ hotmail .co .uk

GloveandSpecialsauce Fri 11-May-07 09:46:42

there is a big items of news on the main cover of www.elmundo.es (newspaper) covering the story.

If this paper it is already covering all the Spanish media will pick up on the story as t there a massive reward for any clues.

I am very happy to translate anything but I won't be able to have it ready until the afternoon.

ComeOVeneer Fri 11-May-07 09:46:45

Beety received your email but can't open attatchment. (don't have correct authority or some such tech. nonesense), However I assume it would still be effective if I passed it on?

Bananaknickers Fri 11-May-07 09:47:03

how about mentioning the million pound reward. Should be eyecatching

GloveandSpecialsauce Fri 11-May-07 09:47:17

mine is xmishimax@hotmail.com

geekgrrl Fri 11-May-07 09:48:36

Looks like it's been picked up by El Pais and Hola as well...

ThatBeetroot Fri 11-May-07 09:48:44

mine opens - hmm.

I will send it to glove and anyone else who wants it

ThisIsDavinaPleaseDoNotSwear Fri 11-May-07 09:48:55

I promise faithfully to get the spelling of her name right,


Is that beetrootbeetroot@

or just one beetroot.

ThatBeetroot Fri 11-May-07 09:50:42

two beetroots

geekgrrl Fri 11-May-07 09:50:43

wow, didn't realise there was a £1,000,000 reward for her safe return now

not seen that mentioned in the British press

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