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Boy had 2 loofahs inside his ear

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WendyWeber Tue 08-May-07 21:28:02

He looks quite pleased

stoppinattwo Wed 09-May-07 22:13:36

I read about an old block who was getting his ears checked by the doc. doc pulled an old style bus ticket out of his ear. Turns out the guy hadnt been profoundly deaf in that ear all his life he had just shoved a bus ticket in there when he was a boy

FrannyandZooey Wed 09-May-07 21:25:44

I don't mind people using it in threads, it is in the titles I can't stick it

they pop up and down constantly and you can't avoid it or know when to expect it

thanks WW

contentiouscat Wed 09-May-07 21:22:22

I noticed someone used the "s" word on here LOL

FrannyandZooey Wed 09-May-07 21:05:03

WW I love you]
there has already been a thread about this with the non-loofah word in the title


contentiouscat Wed 09-May-07 20:58:51

LOL - I see you saw this story, doesnt it make you cringe

hippipotami Wed 09-May-07 12:19:07

Sorry GiantSquirrelSpotter - must admit the other 'bomb' does make for a funnier story
I must confess, I thought bathroom loofahs too and shuddered when I read spiders...eek..

allgonebellyup Wed 09-May-07 12:09:32

also wondering how you could fit 2 huge beige bathroom loofahs in your ear!! scrub your back and then accidently they end up in yer ears?

ruty Wed 09-May-07 10:06:16

i now have a zero tolerance attitude towards spiders in the bathroom.

Aloveheart Wed 09-May-07 10:02:34

gonna put cotton wool in my ears tonight!!! ewwwwwwwww.

Quootiepie Wed 09-May-07 10:01:49

oh yuk!

I thought you meant loofahs... as in sponge things I really want to go put ear muffs on now Is tht story about the spiders in the mans neck true?

GiantSquirrelSpotter Wed 09-May-07 09:56:46

Oh hippi, don't spoil my illusions!

giraffeski Wed 09-May-07 08:23:16

Message withdrawn

Nbg Wed 09-May-07 08:22:26

lol at the mother saying she'll bomb the house

Flamesparrow Wed 09-May-07 08:17:33

Sat here for ages (before reading article) trying to work out how the hell anyone could fit a loofah in their ear, let alone two

Trinityrhino Wed 09-May-07 08:05:48

i clicked on this thinking 'how could you get one loofah into your ear, they are huge'

now i'm shaking

hippipotami Wed 09-May-07 08:03:10

From what I recall of living in San Francisco, the Americans are keen on 'insect bombs' which you let off in the house whilst you are out to kill vermin (in our case fleas yuck)

So am sure that is what the mother meant!!

Pmsl at the thought you all assumed she meant a 'proper' bomb. Really???

FiveFingeredFiend Tue 08-May-07 22:13:36

surely it must be an insect bomb rather like a flea bomb.

rather than a nuclear bomb.


madamenoir Tue 08-May-07 22:13:34

apparently you can swallow 13 loofahs a year at night (no idea who counts) if you sleep with your mouth open...they are attracted by the moisture in your mouth...

morningpaper Tue 08-May-07 22:08:58


at least she didn't say "My first reaction was to go and bomb Iraq"

lyrabelacqua Tue 08-May-07 22:05:57

Absolutely pmsl at mother's first reaction!! Why!!!!

GiantSquirrelSpotter Tue 08-May-07 22:02:29

Gdg, that's exactly what I thought.

What a strange woman, wanting to go and bomb the house.

It doesn't exactly address negative American stereotypes, does it?

(Have a problem? Bomb it! )

thedogsbollox Tue 08-May-07 22:02:01



Oh just the thought makes me squirm.

In fact if it happened to me, I think I might just bomb the house

fryalot Tue 08-May-07 22:01:06

LOOFAH!!!! that's the word.


MrsCarrot Tue 08-May-07 22:00:38

the one with the 100'sof spiders that is. uurgggh

MrsCarrot Tue 08-May-07 21:59:50

I heard that story too!

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