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British woman dies in Syria

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StealthPolarBear Mon 19-Mar-18 08:07:47

she was only 26,fighting to make the world a better place

StealthPolarBear Mon 19-Mar-18 08:28:56


SpringsNotSprung Mon 19-Mar-18 08:33:49

I heard her Dad on the radio this morning.
Very sad.

StealthPolarBear Mon 19-Mar-18 09:06:08

I realise many men have died and I have not started threads. I think of them too and am grateful. But this was a woman , ten years younger than me. So much braver, more determined.

StealthPolarBear Mon 19-Mar-18 11:55:15


CoteDAzur Mon 19-Mar-18 12:15:07

Why are you grateful? confused

Do you realise that she would have been prosecuted in the UK upon her return like these men?

ProperLavs Mon 19-Mar-18 18:59:45

Brave? No I don't think she was brave. She was going to a certain death and has achieved what? What she has left behind is devastation and misery.

MrsJayy Mon 19-Mar-18 19:04:27

I don't understand how she is brave I am not being disrespectful to a dead woman but going to fight for the kurds isn't the brightest thing to do.

TheFallenMadonna Mon 19-Mar-18 19:07:26

Is the opposite of brave "not bright"?
Her father said she knew she might die. She wasn't ignorant of the risks.

TheFallenMadonna Mon 19-Mar-18 19:10:08

The interview with her father was very moving. It was followed by an interview with a Turkish official who linked the group she was with to the PKK.

MrsJayy Mon 19-Mar-18 19:11:34

Oh dear I didn't mean she wasn't bright I just don't think joining kurds to kill "isis" isn't brave.

MrsJayy Mon 19-Mar-18 19:12:12

Is brave*

Pemba Mon 19-Mar-18 19:24:11

Of course she was brave! She was risking her life and she knew it. Whether you think she was wrong to go or not is another matter.

ProperLavs Mon 19-Mar-18 19:39:28

It was a pointless death that was going to achieve nothing. Now her poor family have to live with it.

LanaKanesTerfyVagina Mon 19-Mar-18 19:42:33

She was a qualified plumber.

And what the MSM won't tell you.....

A commited member of Hunts Sabs and Antifa.

But that doesn't fit the narrative of those groups being nasty shouty men so it won't get mentioned.

She fought with the all woman Kurdish group and is a fucking hero in my opinion.

RunMummyRun68 Mon 19-Mar-18 20:18:25

So what training did she have if she was a plumber?confused

Firearms training? Etc?

NorthernLurker Mon 19-Mar-18 20:22:41

Eighty years ago committed, bright and brave people went from the uk to fight in the Spanish civil war because they thought it was the right thing to do. I think this was a brave sacrifice and it's quite clear from the coverage that Campbell knew the risks and thought the cause of women's rights was worth defending from ISIS.

CoteDAzur Mon 19-Mar-18 20:23:12

There is a fine but clear line between brave and stupid and she largely crossed it when she took up arms against the 2nd largest army of NATO on the side of a group of bandits, in a fight that is not her own, in a foreign land where she doesn't speak the language and where she would probably be sold off as a sex slave had she not dyed her hair black.

SoupyNorman Mon 19-Mar-18 20:23:32

How on earth is fighting ISIS not brave? confused

SoupyNorman Mon 19-Mar-18 20:24:10

ISIS are the second largest army of NATO? Now I’m really confused confused

CoteDAzur Mon 19-Mar-18 20:28:48

"linked the group she was with to the PKK."

The link is obvious. From the Wikipedia page:

"The YPJ's ideology is democratic confederalism, as propounded by Abdullah Öcalan. Having joined the YPJ, women must spend at least a month practicing military tactics and studying the political theories of Ocalan"

Ocalan is the leader of PKK, the terrorist organisation that claimed thousands of lives over decades in bomb attacks on civilians.

CoteDAzur Mon 19-Mar-18 20:31:33

"ISIS are the second largest army of NATO?"

Turkey is. She died fighting the Turkish army.

TheFallenMadonna Mon 19-Mar-18 20:32:27

My post was about the juxtaposition of the two perspectives. That's all.

It was a Turkish Army bombardment in which she died.

CoteDAzur Mon 19-Mar-18 20:32:41

"How on earth is fighting ISIS not brave?"

It's brave in the sense that jumping off the top of a building is brave.

CoteDAzur Mon 19-Mar-18 20:39:32

It's not a "perspective" that the group she joined is closely linked to PKK, a terrorist organisation. It's a fact.

You can romanticise it as much as you like, but the fact is that this young British woman left her home and her country to be cannon fodder for a foreign power, in a conflict that is not her own, in a strange land she does not belong.

It's sad that such a promising young woman died, but what she did stupid not brave.

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