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North Korea - What will happen now?

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SparklingSnowfall Tue 28-Nov-17 19:52:00

Can't see an active thread about this but they've fired another missile, Trump speaking about it at 8pm apparently.

(Please feel free to link me to an active thread if there is one)

puzzlefuzzle Thu 30-Nov-17 10:57:09

I don't think people are paying attention anymore shockgrin

SparklingSnowfall Thu 30-Nov-17 12:07:24

No... more sanctions it seems, which do nothing.

HellsBellsnBucketsofBlood Thu 30-Nov-17 12:10:29

They will do nothing. Eventually China might invade.

listsandbudgets Thu 30-Nov-17 12:15:32

Its too far down the news agenda. Its clear that they are not joking - they've put an awful amount of effort and research into this. Their military personnel is one of the highest per capita in the world - which does not mean that they are the most effective but they are big. The regime is ruthless and will happily sacrifice its people... you only have to look at the fact that they are willing to test their missiles by firing them across their own landmass to see that, never mind the horrendous conditions in thier prison camps

Trump is unpredictable though thankfully I hope held back from the worst of his excesses by advisors and military commanders.

I do think that this should be taken more seriously than it is being - royal engagements are all very well but the media need to see where the real story is

SparklingSnowfall Thu 30-Nov-17 12:54:30

Yes I completely agree Lists

pandacandour Thu 30-Nov-17 18:10:42

I just don't know what can be done.

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