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Mil Millington - what kind of grown up does that to their hair?

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Janh Mon 16-Apr-07 20:07:35

He has 2 kids, and a demented German girlfriend. I think he's great, despite the pink (?) hair.

Carmenere Mon 16-Apr-07 20:06:39

Oh I thought in that piece in the Guardian on sat he mentioned dc's. I could be totally wrong though.

morningpaper Mon 16-Apr-07 20:05:36

Does he have children? I wasn't sure

I always think he sounds like a man with too much time on his hands so assume he doesn't have children

Carmenere Mon 16-Apr-07 20:04:24

I know it is shocking, his dc's must be mortified.

morningpaper Mon 16-Apr-07 19:56:33

I mean it's REALLY red

It's terrible

What is he THINKING?

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