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Mil Millington - what kind of grown up does that to their hair?

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morningpaper Mon 16-Apr-07 19:56:33

I mean it's REALLY red

It's terrible

What is he THINKING?

filthymindedvixen Fri 20-Apr-07 19:36:23

Yeah tentypence, I kinda agree.

I will also join the ranks of wierdy's on here with a penchant for jon ronson and louis theroux. They fit in very well with my life list of floppy, confused young men i used to date who were actually not at all floppy and confused in the bedroom.

twentypence Fri 20-Apr-07 19:28:06

I actually like it - actually I think what I like most is the fact that he has a job where he can turn his hair bright red and it doesn't matter.

WendyWeber Wed 18-Apr-07 21:55:06


ViscountessPetitLapin Wed 18-Apr-07 21:48:11

<baits hook>

here fishy fishy

WendyWeber Wed 18-Apr-07 21:45:46

<bates breath>

ViscountessPetitLapin Wed 18-Apr-07 21:45:09

OH hi Jan!

I have emailed you. Well, I am about to. Any minute now. Just need to ask you a quick Q

ViscountessPetitLapin Wed 18-Apr-07 21:44:21

Top man Mr F&Z!

We are Navy-tastic. We live in quarters, DH's family are Navy, my sister is too... so apols if the odd bit of slang slips in. Don't be threaders

WendyWeber Wed 18-Apr-07 21:44:14

Ohhhh, chortle, sorry, the Admiral bit passed me right by.

(It's Janh <waves>)

FrannyandZooey Wed 18-Apr-07 21:41:23

Dp was going to join the navy but he met and moved in with me, instead

he completely aced the test

ViscountessPetitLapin Wed 18-Apr-07 21:39:31

Oh right. Yes, he is! Hence "Admiral Lapin" (I have promoted him slightly as he was a little too low-ranking for a Viscountess).

He does look bloody lovely in uniform. Especially mess kit, with those short jacket... nice arse, phwoar...

WW, are you a changeur de nom?

FrannyandZooey Wed 18-Apr-07 21:39:27

Oh THAT'S why LL used a naval term at me the other day

I thought she was just being a bit giddy

WendyWeber Wed 18-Apr-07 21:36:44

M. Lapin is, isn't he? Or did I make that up?

You live in Portsmouth and know lots of sailors so he must be one, godammit!

NotQuiteCockney Wed 18-Apr-07 21:35:42

I want brown bread ice cream, I will have to make it. Actually, I saw a recipe for brown bread semi freddo, should probably make that instead, less work.

ViscountessPetitLapin Wed 18-Apr-07 21:35:32

WendyWeber, who is a sailor?

NotQuiteCockney Wed 18-Apr-07 21:35:05

Ah, my father was a firefighter, butch jobs don't do it for me.

I generally, actually, personally, tend to date (relatively) femme men. I am butch enough for two, tbh. Lots of vegetarian exes.

FrannyandZooey Wed 18-Apr-07 21:34:25

Ice cream with a machine and stirring

lots of stirring and grating tonight

morningpaper Wed 18-Apr-07 21:34:08

real men make spotted dick

they don't faff with sorbet

WendyWeber Wed 18-Apr-07 21:34:03

...uniforms and stuff...saluting...

FrannyandZooey Wed 18-Apr-07 21:33:50

MP no

I was trying to point out that as well as being a mumbling butch Northerner with ear hair, he is also in touch with his feminine side

if I use anymore on this thread I think I may break it

WendyWeber Wed 18-Apr-07 21:33:41

Also he is a sailor, NQC - does that do it for you?

NotanOtter Wed 18-Apr-07 21:33:08

phwooar real men make puddings!

NotQuiteCockney Wed 18-Apr-07 21:32:47

Does he make semifreddo? Or proper ice cream? With a machine? Or the stirring?

Gah, I made semi-freddo when we had that dinner party, and frightened the mad Irish woman who made her ex-boyf cook us tea, but it was Mexican food. I mean, come on. Irish Mexican food?!?! It was nice enough, but the refried beans were from a tin! My freezer is full of refried beans!

ViscountessPetitLapin Wed 18-Apr-07 21:31:08

I can live with that

<snogs George-a-like>

morningpaper Wed 18-Apr-07 21:30:25

hmm lemon ice cream not v. butch

FrannyandZooey Wed 18-Apr-07 21:30:02

VPL we do we do

but when you post a picture of G Clooney and say he looks like him we are all going to ostracise you, this is life

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