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(Not) in the news ... 9/11 ???

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LurkingHusband Mon 11-Sep-17 11:48:10

It was 16 years ago today ?

RIP to all who died, and to all whose world changed that day.

what2dooo Mon 11-Sep-17 15:38:06

Was just thinking about this.
16 years ago; i had just started 6th form

user327854831 Tue 12-Sep-17 12:48:27

I think we're seeing less about 9/11 because a lot of the younger generation don't remember it happening. I was in my teens when the Falkland War happened and I don't remember the dates and have little memory of it apart from a couple of ships being torpedoed. It's going to be the same for those who are in their early 30s now; they've got a probably sketchy memory of it and there are many other things that have happened since which will be as significant to them as 9/11 was to my generation.

Crackednips Thu 07-Dec-17 08:25:36

Yes I agree, but whereas the Falklands conflict meant a lot to us here and Argentina of course. It wasn't as world-changing-an-event as 9/11 was. The implications of which we are still, very much seeing played out particularly in the ME

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