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Grenfell Tower

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RhythmAndStealth Wed 14-Jun-17 04:49:41

Watching the news just now and I can't believe my eyes. It looks absolutely horrific.

I want to think everyone got out safe, but sadly I just can't.

Some of the news reports are about alleged poor safety standards and dangerous living conditions. If that's true it just beggars belief.

Terfing Wed 14-Jun-17 04:55:57

It looks like something from a film. I can't believe this is happening now. sad

pollyglot Wed 14-Jun-17 05:02:39

Absolutely horrendous - those poor, poor people. Thoughts and love coming from the South Pacific.

beepbeepimasheep Wed 14-Jun-17 05:03:05

Awful sad those people who are trapped, a nightmare cone true sad

RhythmAndStealth Wed 14-Jun-17 05:20:07


UserThenLotsOfNumbers Wed 14-Jun-17 05:26:24

It's a terrible tragedy. I am dreading hearing the death toll. The residents families must be beside themselves.

This is what can happen with poorly designed tower blocks, they are a disgrace in many ways.

Wehavetogoback Wed 14-Jun-17 05:27:12

Watching now , utterly terrifying, those poor people trapped I just hope to god everyone somehow got out

A1Sharon Wed 14-Jun-17 05:28:12

Just listening to a guy you wasnearby when it first started and tried to help...he saw 7people come out in 90 mins. He doesn't think anyone else got out, it's heartbreaking listening to him, all the people he could see inside, families etc, he said they're all gone now. sad
Truly horrific.

beepbeepimasheep Wed 14-Jun-17 05:31:58


A1Sharon Wed 14-Jun-17 05:32:40

According to this guy he cannot see how anyone above the 4th floor got out! The flames spread so rapidly the fire brigade couldn't get in, and ladders only reached up to 4th floor. He saw no one else coming out except the 7 people and fire brigade got one guy via ladder....this guy is in shock.

cynicbuthappy Wed 14-Jun-17 05:34:19

Truly horrific, not sure how a building can go up in flames so quickly.
I'm hoping beyond heope that most residents were evacuated.

Profit before people. That's what I get from this tragedy.

Pavlova31 Wed 14-Jun-17 05:37:38

Devastated to see this sad

PoppyLivesOn Wed 14-Jun-17 05:41:56

Someone has posted that landlords/authorities were warned of this happening after an electrical fire in 2013 link

I'm watching from NZ, it's absolutely devastating sad

PoppyLivesOn Wed 14-Jun-17 05:43:59

Only skim read the link so far but awful it's true

AmenacingWhistle Wed 14-Jun-17 05:47:46

The scenes on BBC news are horrific. Thoughts go out to those poor people.

MrsOverTheRoad Wed 14-Jun-17 05:56:35

It's shocking and awful to see!

I used to live in a tower block of that size in South London and if there were faults I won't be shocked.

The standards of repairs etc were TERRIBLE. The kitchen and fittings in mine were 1960s originals...and this was in 2000

exercisejunkie Wed 14-Jun-17 05:58:21

Watching now and it's just awful, someone just spoke on the news of children being thrown out the windows, that's just horrific, thoughts and prayers with the families affected.

MakingMerry Wed 14-Jun-17 06:02:21

This is awful. This is so, so awful. And the resident's group's blogs on fire safety are absolutely damning. Those poor people.

This should not be happening. This could have been avoided.

insancerre Wed 14-Jun-17 06:06:01

Just awful
A resident has just said the building has some sort of lagging on to make it look better
He thinks that's why it has taken such a hold
He also said the fire alarms didn't go off

FreakOfNurture Wed 14-Jun-17 06:09:41

Faulty wiring and power surges
Flammable lagging
Fire service advice not acted on
Terrible advice to stay in flats if there was yet another fire

I hope the Board of KCTMO are fucking ashamed. Piers Morgan (who I normally don't really like) is ripping into them now.

ILikeThatSong123 Wed 14-Jun-17 06:12:17

Tragic. I live in a block too sad I just wonder whether light planes could have sprayed water from above, as they do in major forest fires. It is clear that fire brigade couldn't spray water any higher than some lower floors . Rain and spraying water from above would have been effective I believe. Having said that I don't know how possible and how practical it is.. or whether there are such planes in London. Absolutely tragic.

SideOrderofSprouts Wed 14-Jun-17 06:14:29

I used to live in a 14 floor tower block and was terrified of a fire like this. If you can't get down the emergency stairs you don't stand a chance. I dread to
Think the death toll. Those poor people sad

Spudlet Wed 14-Jun-17 06:15:15

My god, the pictures are awful. Those poor, poor people sad

Utterly horrific, and if it's true that the dangers were known - words fail me. Murderous incompetence would be the most generous thing you could call it.

Tiredemma Wed 14-Jun-17 06:18:45

This is horrific sadangry

FreakOfNurture Wed 14-Jun-17 06:19:14

It's now at risk of collapse and there are rescue workers inside. I feel so sickened and angry that this was, seemingly, entirely preventable.

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