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4 new bank holidays under Labour

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herecomesthsun Sun 23-Apr-17 01:14:20

So says Jeremy, according to the BBC.
We need some emoticons for this, a daffodil, leek, thistle and shamrock probably...

ilovechoc1987 Sun 23-Apr-17 02:14:34

God they're getting desperate aren't they!

highinthesky Sun 23-Apr-17 02:30:55

Bloody hell. If we need a shortcut to stifling the economy, this is it.

What next, the 3 day week?

AlcoholAndIrony Sun 23-Apr-17 02:32:54

Utter pish

Asmoto Sun 23-Apr-17 03:06:50

If I set up a new party and promise 10 new bank holidays, do you think we could be in government by June 9th?

#Vote Asmoto

StillHungryy Sun 23-Apr-17 03:24:50

He gets my vote forget any other issue, 4 days off!

RortyCrankle Sun 23-Apr-17 07:11:48

You have forgotten the red rose for St George's Day, which happens to be today.

PhoenixJasmine Sun 23-Apr-17 07:20:58

Thing is, it wouldn't be four extra days off for most of us. For most workers bank holidays must be taken from their holiday allowance. So it just gives us less flexible holidays.

If they were to increase the minimum holiday allowance above 28 days, then that would be more time off work.

PuckeredAhole Sun 23-Apr-17 07:28:31

Pandering to the work shy as usual. Corbyn is so cynical and with this pledge is patronising and thinks that people can be won over by this ridiculous simplicity.

My life wont be made better with 3 extra bank holidays.

Ankleswingers Sun 23-Apr-17 07:29:57

Load of bollocks

TheMonkeyandthePlywoodViolin Sun 23-Apr-17 07:33:15

Love it

HatHen Sun 23-Apr-17 07:34:48

Love it, plus the tution fee announcement too

Paffle Sun 23-Apr-17 07:36:49

The timings are ridiculous too. They're on the four patron saints days, so 1 March, 17 March and 23 April (30 Nov is ok) - what with half terms, Easter and the May bank holidays, we'd not get anything done March-June.

Believeitornot Sun 23-Apr-17 07:39:41

Given that we as a country have the least number of bank holidays, I'm not sure what the issue is. It's a good idea.

The world won't stop on a bank holiday anyway. Last time I checked, most shops are open, the NHS doesn't grind to a halt on a bank holiday.

Hell, it might even make people take a break and come back to work slightly more refreshed and work that bit harder.

Believeitornot Sun 23-Apr-17 07:40:57

we'd not get anything done March-June

Speak for yourself! My work is plenty busy and I'm more than capable of working with a few extra days off.

TheMonkeyandthePlywoodViolin Sun 23-Apr-17 07:44:31

Some would prefer he offered sticks to people to beat themsrlves with to make themselves more hard working methinks

AuntieStella Sun 23-Apr-17 07:46:52

So two more in March, and one in April (today!), plus one in November.

I think it's the wrong distribution - given that we already have Easter bank hols in Mar/April, plus two in May. But none between August and Christmas.

I think adding one it two in autumn is a good idea, but these four is the wrong plan.

AuntieStella Sun 23-Apr-17 07:49:28

We have emoticons, btw

daffodil shamrock dragon

and a full set in tam o'shanters.

CPtart Sun 23-Apr-17 07:51:05

It would cost the NHS alone millions in unsocial hours payments (and rightly so). Another four days childcare for working parents to find.
Gimmicky nonsense.

Cherrypi Sun 23-Apr-17 07:55:42

I like it. Particularly the November one. Maybe the Torys would consider adding that one when they win.

Bovneydazzlers Sun 23-Apr-17 07:57:16

Well it's hardly priority is it in this country.
And we do not need them in March/April with Easter. Why not over the summer holidays where business is slower anyway and more chance to enjoy sunny days?!

But they won't win so of course it doesn't matter what they ask for in their manifesto.

mcdog Sun 23-Apr-17 07:59:02

It's only a good idea if they add these 4 to the 28 days A/L people have. Otherwise it's just 4 more days that people have to take with no flaxibility.

Believeitornot Sun 23-Apr-17 07:59:35

These bank holidays are to celebrate the patron saints of each of the nations of the UK hence that's what determines when they fall.

WellErrr Sun 23-Apr-17 08:00:42

the world won't stop on a bank holiday anyway. Last time I checked, most shops are open, the NHS doesn't grind to a halt on a bank holiday.

Hell, it might even make people take a break and come back to work slightly more refreshed and work that bit harder.

You're contradicting yourself a bit there.

PhoenixJasmine Sun 23-Apr-17 08:00:43

I definitely am more productive and efficient at work with a better work-life balance, so I do think more time away from work is a good thing - there'll be wider societal benefits that are probably harder to quantify, such as improved mental health.

But more bank holidays doesn't automatically equal more time off work. It sounds like the choice of patron saints days is more about stimulating national pride. Aren't St Andrew's and St Patrick's days already bank hols in Scotland and NI respectively? So it's more about stimulating English national pride (generalising horribly, but Welsh national pride tends to be pretty healthy!) but also all of us appreciating each other more by celebrating each other's national days as well?

I'd be more in favour of national holidays that recognise important historical events. Armistice Day perhaps, maybe a Sufragette's Day. I don't object to St David's & St Andrew's days in the respective nations, but feel those decisions should be made by devolved powers. Me as an English person living in England celebrating St Patrick's day is basically cultural appropriation though grin

But, unless holiday allowance is increased, it's all a moot point anyway as it just gives workers less flexibility about when they can take their annual leave, not more annual leave.

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