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Happy 50th birthday Adrian Mole

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Weebleswobbles Sun 02-Apr-17 09:36:15

Sue Townsend was a genius

Summerof85 Sun 02-Apr-17 09:42:21

I saw that in the news, loved the books. Grew up with them, also liked the first TV shows with Julie Walters as the mum. Also read some of the later books when he was an adult, laughed out loud. I agree, Sue Townsend was a genius!

Vegansnake Sun 02-Apr-17 09:45:13

Noooo he can't be 50... that makes me old as well...

HeideG Mon 03-Apr-17 11:15:23

I went to his party yesterday, it was brilliant! I blogged about it:

ForalltheSaints Wed 26-Apr-17 19:30:43

A wonderful comic creation, and loved the way it was used to highlight the stupidities of new Labour.

HumphreyCobblers Fri 28-Apr-17 12:31:00

I love those books, especially the first two.

BusterTheBulldog Fri 28-Apr-17 12:41:11

Weapons of mass destruction is my fav! Really accurate social commentary of that time. And marigold! Crickey!

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