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Katie Hopkins loses libel case

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Megatherium Fri 10-Mar-17 16:40:19

Hooray! That's definitely cheered me up for the weekend.

AllMyBestFriendsAreMetalheads Fri 10-Mar-17 16:43:54

Ha awesome! Nice one Jack!

Freshprincess Fri 10-Mar-17 16:46:48

Excellent news.
and I'm assuming that as it was in Twitter and not the daily mail so she'll have to pay up herself.

HollyBollyBooBoo Fri 10-Mar-17 16:50:00

Oh I do hope she has to pay. She is utterly vile and getting worse with every article.

GlassSeahorse Fri 10-Mar-17 16:51:22

This verdict has cheered me up no end. Jack Monroe is my hero for taking that vile troll on.

TwoLeftSocks Fri 10-Mar-17 16:52:15

Very happy!!!

ALemonyPea Fri 10-Mar-17 16:53:47

Couldn't have happened to a nicer person. Doubt it'll keep her quiet though.

Mrskeats Fri 10-Mar-17 16:56:04

That has cheered me up no end
KT is a vile troll

HecateAntaia Fri 10-Mar-17 17:00:53

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

pigeondujour Fri 10-Mar-17 17:04:08

I really doubt she'll love having to pay costs of over £300k. That's a fuck ton of books to sell.

Megatherium Fri 10-Mar-17 17:13:06

And that's just the claimant's costs. She'll have to pay something similar for her own costs - so she's potentially down around £500K.

The judge went to some trouble to point out that she could have settled very quickly at an early stage by withdrawing, apologising and paying £5K to charity. That's a very expensive piece of arrogance on her part.

HecateAntaia Fri 10-Mar-17 17:18:24

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Gizmojo Fri 10-Mar-17 17:20:38

She has to pay £24,000 to compensate for the libel, but she has to pay costs for both sides (i.e. Solicitor fees, court fees etc) for both sides because she lost the case. Given the case has been 21 months in the making, that's...a lot of money. HA! Good news at last.

dalek Fri 10-Mar-17 17:22:39

This has made me very happy

SookiesSocks Fri 10-Mar-17 17:24:07

I dislike KH so happy she has lost.
I dislike JM too so not happy she won but i dislike her less than KH so it balances out grin

RedDogsBeg Fri 10-Mar-17 18:22:56

KH won't personally be paying costs, both parties were being represented on a 'no win, no fee' basis according to that article. The only cost KH will personally pay is the £24,000 awarded to JM.

Megatherium Fri 10-Mar-17 18:57:25

No, she'll have to pay the other side's costs, unless she had insurance - which is highly unlikely.

RedDogsBeg Fri 10-Mar-17 19:01:07

Ah thanks for clarifying that Meg, so an expensive tantrum indeed.

LetBartletBeBartlet Fri 10-Mar-17 19:02:32

YES! grin

user1471439727 Fri 10-Mar-17 19:08:58

Has Jack Monroe ever actually earned a penny in her life? Obscene amount of money for a couple of tweets sent by a woman who loves attention, to a woman who loves attention.

PossumInAPearTree Fri 10-Mar-17 19:11:06

She has to pay an intermin costs payment of 107k in the next 28 days, more may be added to that.

Bedsheets4knickers Fri 10-Mar-17 20:58:38

So glad she's had to put her money where her mouth is . She needs to be hit where it hurts .

Megatherium Fri 10-Mar-17 23:24:03

Jack Monroe has earned several pennies in her life. She worked initially in a chip shop, then for the fire service. More recently she has earned money as a journalist, writing columns for national newspapers, and from her books.

The only reason damages were so high was that Hopkins chose to ignore a number of requests to withdraw her tweets and apologise at an early stage. It's a high price to pay for supreme arrogance, and no-one's fault but hers.

Trying2bgd Fri 10-Mar-17 23:25:55

Best news I've heard all week.

prh47bridge Sat 11-Mar-17 08:45:21

No, she'll have to pay the other side's costs, unless she had insurance - which is highly unlikely

Why is it highly unlikely? Most lawyers offering no win, no fee arrangements strongly recommend that clients take out insurance to cover the other side's costs if they lose.

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