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Greensleeves Tue 27-Feb-07 18:09:42

seen this?

Greensleeves Tue 27-Feb-07 18:11:08

Oh, I am an idiot, I forgot to title the damn thing, now no-one will read it

Blandmum Tue 27-Feb-07 18:13:15


I will start a thread asking people to read this thread

Mercy Tue 27-Feb-07 18:14:06

I've read it Greensleeves!

Don't know what to say really though . I believe he's well intentioned etc but he's getting a bit like his father isn't he?

Crap reporting doesn't help though.

Greensleeves Tue 27-Feb-07 18:16:20

I think his heart is in the right place and he genuinely wants to use his high profile to promote environmental issues etc. Call me a fatuous softie, but I have some time for him, despite the unavoidable fact that he's a bit of a numpty.

His father is a vile monster.

FrannyandZooey Tue 27-Feb-07 18:17:59

Oh hello

I don't know what is going on, but MB asked me to come here

Scootergirl Tue 27-Feb-07 18:18:02

How funny. He knows it's crap and they know it's crap but everyone has to tiptoe around cos he's a mad Royal.
Thought it was quite balanced reporting myself

fryalot Tue 27-Feb-07 18:19:12

If you'd titled it, I wouldn't have read it, but because you didn't... and I'm such a nosey sod, I read it.

Greensleeves Tue 27-Feb-07 18:19:35

Franny, take yer thumb out yer ass and read the link

FrannyandZooey Tue 27-Feb-07 18:20:19

I think you'll find that was Aitch's thumb

fryalot Tue 27-Feb-07 18:21:05

And, as I read it, I will now comment:

Prince C gets a lot of stick and is misquoted often, however, if you actually listen to what he means to say, he talks a lot of sense.

Tamum Tue 27-Feb-07 18:22:51

It's funny, I hadn't read the link but I knew just from Mercy's post what it was about I agree he sometimes talks sense, but sometimes talks utter rubbish. This time he's talking sense, so that's alright.

Mercy Tue 27-Feb-07 18:24:32

Greensleeves, yes I have some time for him too - but the way his comments are being reported in the last couple of years makes him in danger of sounding a bit like his (yes, agree, vile) father.

lol at numpty - Prince Numpty

Greensleeves Tue 27-Feb-07 18:29:00

It all gets tangled round in my mind with the fact that I don't think there should be a royal family at all and I find all that expensive pomposity and pageantry utterly preposterous and demeaning for all involved.

BUT if we are going to have a monarchy, at least Big-Ears appears to want to be of some use to society, rather than just having a motor installed in his wrist for endless waving duties, aka his mother and grandmother.

Hallgerda Tue 27-Feb-07 20:41:37

The picture's hilarious - thanks for posting it, Greensleeves

I'm not too keen on the monarchy either, but I believe that if a job's going to be done at all it should be done properly, with tact and diplomacy, even if that does come down to motorised hand waving. I'm also not too keen on being told to be less profligate by someone with several houses, all bigger than mine. So I'm not joining the fan club.

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