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Please look and sign: petition that would help many a MN Sn kid

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PeachyClair Fri 23-Feb-07 20:16:59


this petition wasnt set up by me btw

it aims to make lea's more accountable for the education our kids receive

those who have followed my stries with ds1 and now ds3 will know I am having to fight tooth and mouth to enable them receive even a vaguely appropriate schooling. I am fortunate- many SN mums dont have the time, education or ability to fight and this is for them. Governements seem to think that if they target those least able to fight- elderly, disabled, etc- they will geta way with it and it has to stop. now.

PeachyClair Fri 23-Feb-07 20:18:36

sorry here

demanding toddler attacking keyboard LOL!

Miaou Fri 23-Feb-07 20:18:59


Miaou Fri 23-Feb-07 20:19:17

sorry, x-posts!!

PeachyClair Fri 23-Feb-07 20:20:59


lulumama Fri 23-Feb-07 20:22:39

is this the one that you posted last week..if so won;t sign again, but if a new one, then i will!

irishbird Fri 23-Feb-07 20:23:05

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

TwoIfBySea Fri 23-Feb-07 20:56:02

God the amount of petitions I'm signing I'm sure to get a visit from the New Labour gestapo!

Well worth it though.

After all not everyone can afford to go private like some people...

southeastastra Fri 23-Feb-07 20:59:15

someone signed their name as inclusive education

Aefondkiss Sun 25-Feb-07 21:36:56

also done, i am just about to add another petition to sign, if anyone is interested?

Whizzz Sun 25-Feb-07 21:42:32

did anyone else notice another 'name' in that list !

Pixiefish Sun 25-Feb-07 21:55:04

done and bumping

Clarinet60 Mon 26-Feb-07 11:40:26


danielsmom Mon 26-Feb-07 12:05:49


Mercy Mon 26-Feb-07 12:15:40

Yes, I saw 'that' name Whizzz!

fredip71 Mon 26-Feb-07 13:35:44


Saturn74 Mon 26-Feb-07 13:39:42


MamaG Mon 26-Feb-07 13:40:45


BigHotMama Mon 26-Feb-07 13:46:04


USAUKMum Mon 26-Feb-07 16:19:27


Wills Mon 26-Feb-07 21:54:39


sunflowervalley Mon 26-Feb-07 22:34:01


Tamum Mon 26-Feb-07 22:37:04


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