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Brother arrested for fire murder near Glasgow

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blueandgreendots Sat 14-Jan-17 08:50:54

Really shocking case near where I live

blueandgreendots Sat 14-Jan-17 08:54:52

Elllicam Sat 14-Jan-17 08:56:48

Oh my goodness how horrible for that poor family. Those poor parents sad

OnlyEatsToast Sat 14-Jan-17 08:58:18

OMG that's awful

Lucked Sat 14-Jan-17 09:00:14

How awful, terrifying crime. I heard on the news a couple of days ago that the police had managed to speak to the girlfriend who had been seriously injured so perhaps she knew something. Poor family.

QueenLaBeefah Sat 14-Jan-17 09:02:25

That poor family.

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