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Attack on Istanbul nightclub

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Cantgetmyoldnameback Sun 01-Jan-17 00:27:17

On the BBC now. Gunman was dressed as Santa. 35 dead so far :-(

throwingpebbles Sun 01-Jan-17 00:27:58

It's so awful.

ILikeThatSong123 Sun 01-Jan-17 00:30:15

Religious nuts, part of a game plan. Great shame.

quicklydecides Sun 01-Jan-17 00:30:50

Oh fucking hell, those poor people, so 2017 starts as it will go on.
May they rest in peace.

Haffdonga Sun 01-Jan-17 00:33:00

Oh shit

RJnomore1 Sun 01-Jan-17 00:33:37

On the positive side security in the U.K.appears to have held tight tonight.

What an awful thing on turkey though.

GobblersKnob Sun 01-Jan-17 00:34:31

Horrible. Poor poor people

MadisonAvenue Sun 01-Jan-17 00:36:15

Oh no, this is horrible.

LegoCaltrops Sun 01-Jan-17 00:36:27

Bloody hell. Why do people have to be so hateful.

RabbitSaysWoof Sun 01-Jan-17 00:38:16

It has so far RJ, the Istanbul attack was 1:30 their time, so they probably thought same. Those poor people, it's so depressing there's just no let up for them.

Chelazla Sun 01-Jan-17 00:38:38

What is wrong with this worldsad

Cantgetmyoldnameback Sun 01-Jan-17 00:39:37

Apparently people were jumping into the Bosphorus river to escape.

TheoriginalLEM Sun 01-Jan-17 00:42:20

cunts sad there is no place in heaven for these "martyrs" .

IhatchedaSnorlax Sun 01-Jan-17 00:42:21

Fucking bastards angry

MrTumblesbitch Sun 01-Jan-17 00:43:42

I've just seen this- I actually checked the news to make sure all was okay before I went to sleep. Those poor people, I hope the rest of Europe stays safe tonight

JustWoman Sun 01-Jan-17 00:46:41

I just saw in news ten mins ago and it's was saying no fatalities yet,so sad to hear it's over 35 now sad

Cantgetmyoldnameback Sun 01-Jan-17 00:54:30

BBC News have been reporting 35 dead for a while now. It always takes some time to get accurate numbers at atrocities like this, I guess. Reporting the club would've been packed with many hundreds of people there.

TheThingsWeAdmitOnMN Sun 01-Jan-17 00:57:23

A friend just told me on kik 😢 What a terrible start to the New Year.

CoteDAzur Sun 01-Jan-17 00:58:55

There were apparently two shooters dressed as Santas.

Reina is a beautiful club. I have been there many times, years ago.

By the way, the Bosphorus is a sea not a river.

thenightsky Sun 01-Jan-17 01:00:51

Oh no sad

Cantgetmyoldnameback Sun 01-Jan-17 01:03:22

Oops, thanks for the correction re the Bodphorus.

I realised earlier that I felt no shock on hearing the news, just sadness. These attacks seem almost invitable now.

CoteDAzur Sun 01-Jan-17 01:07:50

Apparently there was intelligence about a possible attack in Reina tonight, which is why there was police at the door. He was the first to be shot as the gunmen entered.

iwanttobemissmarple Sun 01-Jan-17 01:13:36

Terrible - Reina is such a fabulous restaurant/club. Those poor people & their families. What a way for 2017 to start.

Tram10 Sun 01-Jan-17 20:22:58

Absolutely horrendous, RIP to al those who lost their lives and healing thoughts to those injured and dealing with the loss of their loved ones.

1horatio Sun 01-Jan-17 21:33:55

Horrendous. May God rest their souls in peace.

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