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Mass murderer Stephen Port found guilty.

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Milklollies Wed 23-Nov-16 16:18:31

I believe the ban on this topic on mumsnet is finally lifted as he has been found guilty. He is a disgusting human being and I am a gay man so I'm aware of the level of the wickedness this monster is.

Tomorrowillbeachicken Sat 26-Nov-16 10:58:02

I saw the program on him on the BBC iplayer. Truly disgusting and the fact that he was making comments on facebook on one of the victims pages meant that there were leads the police could have followed but didn't.

DamePlata Sat 26-Nov-16 11:00:00

I haven't heard of him.
off to google

DamePlata Sat 26-Nov-16 11:04:21

Being gay or male doesn't come into it surely.

Tomorrowillbeachicken Sat 26-Nov-16 11:31:52

How does it not come into it when he only killed four gay men?

SmallTownTwirl Sat 26-Nov-16 23:53:57

The op said "i am a gay man so i am aware of the level of wickedness..."

Not necessary to be male or gay to be aware of the wickedness

Maudlinmaud Sat 26-Nov-16 23:58:43

Is he a mass murderer or a serial killer?
Also off to google.

Milklollies Sun 27-Nov-16 23:54:58

Serial killer seems the apt term.

Twirl, he drugged and raped a friend of mine. When he went to the police- the absolute cunt said it was my friends fault. The murders he is found guilty of were a fraction of the murders he committed. I wouldn't object to him being fed battery acid. Absolutely vile human being.

Tomorrowillbeachicken Wed 30-Nov-16 13:41:42

Serial killer I think as there are gaps between murders.

SmallTownTwirl Wed 30-Nov-16 13:45:57

Sorry to hear that Milklollies. How on earth could it possibly be your friend's fault. Talk about adding insult to injury.

I think that being kept in isolation is a more severe punishment than hanging. Prison seems tolerable for most, especially those who inspire fear in minions

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