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We supported the Arab springs, look at us all now!

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quencher Wed 09-Nov-16 15:20:22

We supported the uprising of the Arab springs. One thing most us didn't consider was the effects t would have on us and what it would lead to. When people where protesting in the Middle East we all chanted with and praised them for being brave by standing up to dictators and oppression. We all saw a bright future for them. We all saw change happening to them. We had just witnessed Barack Obama become president. The hysteria was in the air and we all though they could do it too.

When Barack become president, people like me cried with joy three days straight. Every time his face was on television, I felt a warm that we as people of African descent had finally been embraced by a big part of America. We saw a bright future for our young black children. Black Obama visited Egypt, he praised the protesters and made claims that would make them braver. He said America would not shield or offer protection to any dictator. The uprising grew and some dictators fell.

Egypt fell, Libya fell Syria and all the neighbour sates in turmoil. We turned a blind eye to all those dying on boats trying to escape. We ridiculed them, hated all immigrants. Racism made us all see them as people who were going to destroy our way of life. Racist views came to the for front. Racist groups around Europe rose and the elite ignored the out cry from the disenfranchised communities who have blamed free movements in Europe. Calais and the invite of a million people by Germany broke the camels back.

America has been watching. Saw how we voted for brexist. The educated and elite called the British people stupid. The disenfranchised American views never got a look in. Standing by trump, a sexist, misogynistic, racist, fraudulent, liar, inhuman, homophobic, islamophobic, man stood by them. We under estimated how far he would go to try and tap in to the American fear of other, women, Islam and race.
He got the support of all those who would have been hiding their views. They dug their way out and casted votes. They now have a trump and farage as their human face. Brexist and trump is just the beginning. Europe is in for a long ride.

I think we should blame our selves for being so naive and not realising that hatred was infesting slowly and rising in our community both here, Europe and America. When we boomed other countries we didn't think we would be affected. As the world crumble, let's ask our selves, why did we let it get to this and worse more to come?

quencher Wed 09-Nov-16 21:11:51

Am assuming, am the only one who thought this then.

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