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Over 100 Years for Rotherham CSE gang.

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legotits Fri 04-Nov-16 17:39:34

I hope they meet a very special friend inside who inflicts the same damage on them that they saw fit to.
Fucking Animals.

legotits Fri 04-Nov-16 17:39:54

legotits Fri 04-Nov-16 18:01:51

Is the second link broke too? hmm

GourmetSoup Sun 06-Nov-16 14:05:34

Recent case in Bristol too

Three men have been jailed for the "chilling" sexual abuse of teenage girls in Bristol

legotits Sun 06-Nov-16 14:20:34

Again, hopefully they will meet their match in prison and understand better why this is so wrong.

Girls are just a commodity now.
No more thought given than a stolen car.

It's still rife in Rotherham, one LA house still has residents picked up each night.

We have moved forward a little though, they do walk to the bus stop instead of door.

sportinguista Mon 07-Nov-16 09:14:24

I think there has to be a crack down on the culture of girls in care and from disfunctional families being seen as easy game and also from the cultures the men are from about equality of women etc and the 'normalising' of child abuse.

I doubt they will be able to be in mainstream prison wings as sex offenders especially those involving children are usually kept separately as they cannot guarantee their safety. I doubt they are capable of learning the lesson as likely if they think that way in the first place there is little hope of change.

I am not surprised it's still happening. I know of at least one case here. A girl who lived in the next street.

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