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Clown craze and trick or treating

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ellie333 Wed 19-Oct-16 22:58:56

Just trying to gauge trick or treating this year.
Thank to all the idiot clowns alot of the kids in my family aren't too keen on going out or answering the door for that matter. We normally go as a group. All cousins together. Now alot of my children cousins (more so the older more aware ones) dont want to come. Which means it'll just be me out on ym own with the little ones who love it and are very excited.

My questions. Are u put off trick or treating cos of recent clown craze.
If you usually answer the door to kids do u still plan too cos of it.

I just dont know what to do. Keep them in for a low key halloween party where they can answer the door and hand out treats (with the chance of disappointment if ppl have been put off and we dont get many knocking!)
Or take them out as usual with the chance of disapointment of hardly anyone answering the doors


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