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Newspaper- 1st September

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PeppaPigStinks Wed 21-Sep-16 05:18:31

Please report or delete if this is not allowed.

I am looking for one of the main newspapers from the 1st September. My dc3 was born and we have the papers fr the day my other two dc were born.

I'd happily pay the postage if you have one still!

Flappyhat Wed 21-Sep-16 05:59:37

Sorry I don't but i am sure i read somewhere that you can contact a newspaper and ask for a back copy.

Actually, have just googled and found this I have never used them so no idea if any good.

flowers Congratulations on your new baby

PeppaPigStinks Wed 21-Sep-16 13:01:14

Thank k you!! I was being really tight but I think I will need to get one.

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