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Calais violence escalates - tourist cars targeted to cause lorry crashes

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MrsGuyOfGisbo Sun 04-Sep-16 13:18:45

[[ Terrifying]]
We used to travel a lot thru' the Tunnel at all times of day & night. Now only do it during the daytime and never stop in Calais. sad

Blackberryandapplejam Sun 04-Sep-16 20:41:09

Disgusting isn't it.

MrsPnut Sun 04-Sep-16 20:45:39

We passed through last Sunday and didn't see a single person on the side of the road. I did see a few French police vans but that was it.

Lico Sun 04-Sep-16 21:57:11

Ditto Mrs Pnut. Did not see anything on Sunday.
Awful wait due to a broken train in tunnel though.

JudyCoolibar Mon 05-Sep-16 08:01:19

It's Mail on Sunday racist scaremongering. Take it with several very large pinches of salt.

MrsGuyOfGisbo Mon 05-Sep-16 12:12:07

'racist scaremongering' ?? Murderous attacks should not be reported because of the nationality of the perps? hmm

BishopBrennansArse Mon 05-Sep-16 12:16:06

Been to Calais several times in last couple of years. Never seen anything like that. But look at the source - bigots r us.

clam Mon 05-Sep-16 12:19:51

So, are you saying that this didn't happen, because the report is from the DM/MoS? hmm

magimedi Mon 05-Sep-16 12:34:29

I am no lover of the DM, but this was reported on other sites as well.

scaryteacher Mon 05-Sep-16 13:07:00

Have to say I'm glad not to be trying to get back to the UK today, due to the rolling roadblock on the E40/A16.

If this wasn't happening, then why would the hauliers both sides of the channel be so het up about it? A British show jumper has reported that they attacked her horsebox and shattered the glass into the cab, hurting her Mum last it is going on.

This is also why I use Dunkirk and not Calais!

sportinguista Mon 05-Sep-16 13:07:59

My elderly dad now avoids Calais on his annual trip with the caravan. He knows of several people he knows who've experienced people trying to break into their caravans on the way through. Since they are all elderly they've decided it's too big a risk to take as they are not as fit as they once were and in a confrontation would not stand a chance, some like my dad have heart problems.

I've seen it on several sites, both what you'd describe as left and right wing. Unfortunately as people become more desparate they may use increasingly violent means to reach the UK.

The only real 'winners' in this situation are the people traffickers who are now driving much of it, from the home countries of these people to getting them to Calais. Feeding on the desparation and dreams of people who have little.

Blackberryandapplejam Mon 05-Sep-16 15:05:17

Of course it's happening. BBC did a report on it last week.

JudyCoolibar Mon 05-Sep-16 15:13:01

Of course I'm not saying that it did not happen, but I take with a large pinch of salt the MoS's account of its reporters' direct involvement.

OhYouBadBadKitten Mon 05-Sep-16 15:16:00

well said sportinguista. The only winners are the people traffickers. It's a horrid situation for both the truckers and those in the camp who are being treated so appallingly.

In the day time (when it's not being blockaded by truckers!) the port is absolutely fine. In the middle of the night on the port road, not so much at the moment.

FarAwayHills Mon 05-Sep-16 15:38:20

This is happening, it has been well reported in much of the media not just the DM.

Where are the police, army etc to protect truckers and others travelling through this route? It is awful that these truckers are putting their lives at risk just trying to make a living. I get the feeling the French are stirring the pot a bit and doing lots of shoulder shrugging following Brexit. Aren't they supposed to process migrants and asylum seekers at the point of entry into Europe and not when they've travelled right the way through at and want to exit?

Blackberryandapplejam Mon 05-Sep-16 18:38:41

I can't understand why those attacking vehicles in this way aren't arrested. Is there no law in France to cover attempted hijacking?

HelenaDove Mon 05-Sep-16 20:37:10

As they are breaking into cabs and trying to rip off roofs to do so (as has just been in channel 4 news) surely its time to at least review the fines imposed on lorry drivers

Humidseptember Mon 05-Sep-16 20:38:04

How on earth can anyone say this is not happening? Of course it is, there was a mega blockade of the port today by lorry drivers, people who live there, the mayor etc they are sick of it.
Or are they all DM readers and this is why they are doing it hmm

Calais is no go zone at night its not worth the risk.

Humidseptember Mon 05-Sep-16 20:40:46

far they did this before brexit. I think army etc all needs to be thrown at this problem, look like they are getting tough, search each and every truck, get the message out - you cant sneak through any more,. have more checks on our side, on the actual boats....get the message out.

Simultaneously, get a proper processing unit set up, for the children with genuine claims, and every one else, disperse to other parts of France.

Blackberryandapplejam Mon 05-Sep-16 21:01:16

even if the French politicians are turning a blind eye in the hope that the immigrants manage to get across the Channel, surely they would want to protect the people who live in Calais and the motorist and lofty drivers who are running the gauntlet.

Palomb Mon 05-Sep-16 21:10:56

Of course it's happening. We travelled from Porstmouth this year so we didn't have to go near it. Previous years have felt a bit like running the gauntlet driving through Calais. I would not want to be a European lorry drive at the moment sad it isn't only Dover/Calais though Our ferry back from Bilbao this year had a migrant dragged out of the water trying to get to the ship.

The French have failed to deal with their problem because the people at the jungle want to come here. At the moment this is no our problem but I expect it till be soon. If they can pass the buck on to us then they will. The majority of the migrants should just be sent back where they've come from.


surferjet Mon 05-Sep-16 21:17:56

It's Mail on Sunday racist scaremongering. Take it with several very large pinches of salt

just when you think you've read all the shite you're every going to read..... along comes a post like this.

Yes, it's all made up by the daily mail people. It's not really happening.hmm

Wellywife Mon 05-Sep-16 21:38:12

Horrendous. Along with general French tendency to strike during the holiday season and the joys of operation stack. We're ferrying to Spain next year and avoiding France altogether.

Humidseptember Tue 06-Sep-16 10:17:02

welly good idea, no the french dont help with their strikes....

MrsGuyOfGisbo Tue 06-Sep-16 13:10:33

We also be going to and from Santander instead wellwife - ain't gonna get better before it gets worse.
Nicolas Sarzoky was stoking the frenzy today by saying if he is elected Prez in May, the next day he will be in London tearing up the Le Touquet agreement (juxtaposed frontiers). Utterly counter-productive for the French to do that as would make the Calais problem even worse next summer by acting as a bigger magnet for migrants.

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