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The British Press reporting of "attacks" is downright dangerous.

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doing Thu 28-Jul-16 20:40:44

I was shocked to see on FB (not on my newsfeed, on the sidebar which feeds you what's trending) that there had been some type of attack in Cologne.

I live in Cologne, so obviously clicked.

Both Sky and the Daily Fail are reporting that a woman was seen in a job centre in Cologne brandishing a gun, that the building was sealed off and people arrested.

So I looked on the German news sites which I use, Spiegel online and WDR which is specific to the area. Not a thing reported on either.

When I looked closer at some of the comment around the story, it turns out that there was a report that someone had seen a woman with a gun, that the police responded but nothing was found. Police arrested 5 people due to an unrelated disturbance but later released 4 of them.

Conclusion, someone reported something which didn't turn out to be true, police mopped it up, nothing further done.

So why the fuck does the uk press feel the need to max out the fear factor by reporting it as another terrorist attack? Already in the comments the usual racist bullshit is being trotted out. Disgusting to sow hate and fear in any climate, never mind the current one where people are already nervous.

Did anyone else see this?

prh47bridge Thu 28-Jul-16 23:27:51

Similar reports appear in the press in various other countries - Hungary, Singapore, Ireland, the USA, etc. The reports suggest that armed police and possibly special forces were deployed. If it was just the UK press you might have a point but the similarity between the reports suggests that the journalists were just reporting what they were being told, possibly by a news agency or a local journalist.

BillSykesDog Fri 29-Jul-16 01:05:14

Right. This would be the Cologne police and German press who have acknowledged form for suppressing inconvenient stories which don't present the left wing's favoured groups in a good light even if true (see NYE)? Why are you so certain the story you're hearing from them is the correct one?

You seem to be suggesting that rather than reporting events as they happen news sources should instead wait to see if stories fit in to your favoured agenda before reporting. I believe that's known as 'producing propaganda'.

supersoftcuddlytoys Fri 29-Jul-16 08:29:30

The press have a job to do. I wouldn't worry too much though and I dont think anyone is peddling hate and fear more than the murdering Jihadi nutters in our midst OP.

efeslight Fri 29-Jul-16 08:46:13

I also live in Cologne, and so read the story. my dh had cycled through cologne yesterday afternoon and seen no problems or noticed anything going on.
So i agree, it was scare mongering, but the end of the story in the mail did acknowledge that nothing had actually happened. So why the dramatic headline...
But i still read the mail because i think it reports on stories that are unpleasant and too 'low brow' for the other papers. It seemed to be the only paper that reported details of the mass sex attacks in cologne over new year, which were horrific.
I also probably wouldn't have been surprised if something did actually happen in cologne yesterday. There was a report, in the mail of course, that there was an attack on a nude swim session nearby in the last few days, some 'muslim looking men' spitting and screaming at women and their children and saying they would be exterminated. I didn't look if this was reported in the german press. Did you see it?

LurkingHusband Fri 29-Jul-16 12:25:37

As Jean Charles de Menezes showed sad - it's the first shout everyone remembers.

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