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Another terrorist attack

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Kreeshsheesh Tue 26-Jul-16 10:50:39

Priest has been murdered. Apparently IS had threatened to target churches in France.

OhYouBadBadKitten Tue 26-Jul-16 10:59:56

Horrific. Until there are more details, speculation is just that though, speculation.
Those poor, poor people.

Kreeshsheesh Tue 26-Jul-16 11:05:36

Dreadful. French radio pretty insistent that it is an IS attack albeit actual or inspired by them. The news is so worrying and depressing. I keep trying to shield my dcs from hearing/seeing it. (We're in France at the moment.)

sportinguista Tue 26-Jul-16 12:24:32

Several other sources are reporting that it looks highly likely to be Islamist attack. It is worrying as it's a small town, the last place you would think.

mogloveseggs Tue 26-Jul-16 12:26:49

Oh how awful!
kreesh i hope you stay safe

sportinguista Tue 26-Jul-16 12:38:02

Stay safe Kreesh!

OhYouBadBadKitten Tue 26-Jul-16 12:42:43

I expect kreesh will be perfectly safe. It is very upsetting though. And yes, it does look like an IS attack.

sportinguista Tue 26-Jul-16 12:49:41

Yes, a 92 year old man who was peacefully doing his job. No words.

allthemadmen Tue 26-Jul-16 12:55:23

Hit list of catholic churches found.

A defenseless 92 year old man.

Kreeshsheesh Tue 26-Jul-16 13:00:15

It's kind of you to say stay safe. I appreciate that. Some friends texted the same after news of Nice. Of course we all know that logically that these things are generally rare, but it does seem a lot more prevalent these days and recent news of random attacks, although not all IS related, has been pretty worrying. I know we can't live that way, but whilst travelling and visiting densely populated tourist spots, it has crossed my mind that it may not be entirely safe. I was surprised in some very tourist places to see no police presence whatsoever, though of course they're no doubt stretched and doing several people's jobs at once like in the UK. As has been shown anyway, these things can happen in small, peaceful villages. I do feel sorry for everyone affected.

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

sportinguista Tue 26-Jul-16 13:04:52

Have a lovely holiday Kreesh, logically these things are rare and you will be perfectly safe, there will be a heightened alert so it will most likely be safer than usual.

RedToothBrush Tue 26-Jul-16 13:05:07
Isil knifemen 'shouted Daesh and slit priest's throat' in Normandy after taking nuns hostage in church as doctor is shot at German clinic

Joel Gulhane ‏@jgulhane
'Daesh' is Arabic acronym and is not used by the group itself

It is a weird use. I thought Daesh was a derogatory term, hence why, in part, why it was being used in parliament over ISIS or ISIL.

Auti Tue 26-Jul-16 13:06:01

Confirmed as an IS attack by BBC

HateSummer Tue 26-Jul-16 13:07:01

I'm sure kreesh is safe too otherwise she wouldn't be posting hmm.

Can we not refer to it as an "Islamist" attack please? These people are not Muslim. They don't even know or have read the Quran. If they did, they would know that killing innocents is wrong. These people are brainwashed angry people who have been accepted into a cult that uses them for their own insane purposes.

sportinguista Tue 26-Jul-16 13:07:51

It does seem to be used to commonly refer to the group though. we saw a clip of an Egyptian candid camera programme called "Mini Daesh". Not the most politically correct thing I've ever seen. So it appears to be in use in the Arabic world to refer to them. So many terms it's hard to tell...

Kreeshsheesh Tue 26-Jul-16 13:08:41

The French press uses the term 'Daesh' as well as 'Etat Islamique'.

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Just5minswithDacre Tue 26-Jul-16 13:12:47

There'll be a policy response soon from western governments, though it might be a quiet one. This can't go on.

Anyone worrying about posters or friends in France should remember that France is twice as large as the UK (so a big place) and try not to worry.

EllyMayClampett Tue 26-Jul-16 13:14:20

allthemadmen, where was a hit list of Catholic churches reported? I am not finding that much information in the news.

allthemadmen Tue 26-Jul-16 13:16:29

trying to find it Elly.

A man accidental shot himself in the leg, called ambulance and his car near by was full of weapons inlc catholic church hit list, this was last year.

EllyMayClampett Tue 26-Jul-16 13:17:24

It would be funny if it weren't so serious.

allthemadmen Tue 26-Jul-16 13:19:05

what sort of policy response Justfive? What can they do?

sportinguista Tue 26-Jul-16 13:19:15

They think they are doing it in the name of a religion whether or not anyone else does. As I understand it they pick and choose parts of the Koran to support their ideology, not the peaceful parts one imagines! Yes they are brainwashed to the point of being batshit crazy, but unfortunately this also makes them extremely focused and driven. Hence some of the recent attacks.

Good point Dacre, France is extremely large and logically on the whole a pretty safe place. We have relatives in Paris, during the attacks we just looked for them to mark safe on facebook. Hysteria is what these guys want.

HateSummer Tue 26-Jul-16 13:21:37

*Today 13:09 NeedAScarfForMyGiraffe

If it was an attack by ISIS it was an Islamic attack whether they meet your criteria of Muslim or not

You get good and bad people in every religion, it doesn't make them any more or less religious

Right I'm Muslim. I have Muslim friends who wouldn't refer to this as an Islamic attack. You're basically saying it's ok to call a terrorist attack by the name of a religion therefore implying that's what the religion is promoting? Forget if these Isis members are religious or not!!! They are not Muslims and are using Islam as a guise. I'm telling you it's offensive to me. But carry on using it to tar my religion and other Muslims. Thanks a lot.

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