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Festival testing drugs for party-goers

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apple1992 Sun 24-Jul-16 16:26:39


CuttedUpPear Sun 24-Jul-16 16:44:58

Well you made the thread. Why don't you tell us your thoughts?

2 pairs of square brackets make links work btw.

RortyCrankle Sun 24-Jul-16 16:55:25

Well I suppose 'Thoughts?' is a step up from 'Discuss?'

If people are going to take drugs then surely this is a good thing. The dealers mix drugs with all sort of crap.

apple1992 Sun 24-Jul-16 17:38:32

I think it's a good idea, but it feels closer to some illegal drugs becoming legal and I'm not sure how I feel about that! It will happen regardless but I think if this makes it safer then it can't be bad!

heron98 Mon 25-Jul-16 15:29:28

I work at a University and our student union does this.

I think it's great. People are always going to take drugs and this makes it safer.

MrsTerryPratchett Sun 31-Jul-16 02:39:04

It makes drug use safer, which is good. Il/legal makes no difference, people will always find a way to use so we might as well make an effort to help them live through it.

VioletVaccine Sun 14-Aug-16 13:51:33

They used to have drug testing packs at raves in the Netherlands many many moons ago, when I used to go out and take drugs there.

It's a good idea. People will always take drugs, but now it's more dangerous than ever with the explosion of legal highs and unscrupulous people who'll bulk out a tablet with washing powder and ibuprofen to make a quick buck.

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