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A plea to all Remainers!

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GardenBirdie Wed 13-Jul-16 14:01:48

We need to revive this petition, and quickly. It will be debated, in the spotlight, by MPs on September 5 and it's our best chance - through massive numbers, even if the debate is technically a formality - to show that those of us who wanted to remain in Europe are still here, and must be heard. Since the referendum, we've been all but ignored. Please, please, share this as widely as possible. ‪#18MillionNames - The new guard need to know we have to be listened to; We CAN make a difference.

0phelia Wed 13-Jul-16 14:08:08

Oh, the petition that was hijacked by auto-bots and since been discussed and discredited?
That petition.

Brexit means Brexit.

GardenBirdie Wed 13-Jul-16 14:45:23

No, the petition with more than 4 million verified signatures that MPs will debate in Parliament on September 5th. That one. In case you didn't know, we have a representative democracy, and the referendum was only part of that process.

Brexit means Brexit? Oh right, so what does that mean, then? I'd be very pleased if you could tell me, because none of the Government know.

Take your nasty trolling somewhere else, please - this thread is called 'A plea to remainers', not leavers.

WellErrr Wed 13-Jul-16 14:50:24

Since the referendum, we've been all but ignored

Really!??? Where do you live? Can I come??

The Remain side's voice WAS heard. But there were more voices on the Leave side and so Leave it is.

It's called democracy. You don't have to like it, but you do have to lump it.

Blue4ever Wed 13-Jul-16 14:55:46

We could start another thread but it has been done to death now. I firmly believe that the leave side has won by a small majority and that the leave campaign was littered with absolute lies and fabrications which in my personal opinion makes the result insignificant, if not illegal.

A referendum is a CONSULTATION. And please don't even mention democracy, we now have an unelected Prime Minister.

Petition signed, although I had refused to

RortyCrankle Wed 13-Jul-16 14:56:06

They can discuss it all they like - Brexit won - Brexit means Brexit, end of story.

By the way, in case you you're new to MN and didn't realise, starting a thread doesn't mean you get to choose who posts on it.

WellErrr Wed 13-Jul-16 14:58:00

And please don't even mention democracy, we now have an unelected Prime Minister

We elect the party, not the PM.

ThroughThickAndThin01 Wed 13-Jul-16 14:58:54

Just hope TM really means 'Brexit means Brexit' and activates it all soon.

Tagetes Wed 13-Jul-16 15:06:30

Actually we elect our local MP. It then depends on some arcane and and unfair calculations as to who the 'winning' party is. It's customary for that party's leader to become PM, although they don't have to be.


RortyCrankle Wed 13-Jul-16 15:07:55

Me too ThroughThickandThin. It will be interesting to see who she appoints to head up the new Brexit Department.

At least the Conservatives HAVE a leader unlike the unmitigating disaster AKA as the labour party which has amused me greatly. Oh and Brown shuffled into the PM role without an election so I see no reason why May can't do the same.

GardenBirdie Wed 13-Jul-16 15:09:45

Hi, there's now a Twitter account for the campaign to add many more signatures to the 'giant' petition before it's debated in the media spotlight by MPs
on September 5. It really is our chance to show the Remain voice is still there and must be heard. Since the referendum we've been all but ignored; the Government - indeed, most of Parliament - seems to be hoping now that we'll simply go away. Please keep sharing and Tweeting the petition as much as possible, and to as many new audiences as possible, and use the hashtag #18MillionNames. Thank you! Twitter: @18mNames

WindPowerRanger Wed 13-Jul-16 15:09:57

I'm a Remainer, and I have no intention of signing any petitions. We lost.

I agree with the 1000 barristers who wrote to the government, that the constitution must be respected, which means repealing the 1972 European Community Act (or whatever it is called) new legislation, and a Parliamentary vote on triggering the Article 50 procedure.

But that is about respecting the rule of law and Parliamentary sovereignty, not avoiding Brexit by sleight of hand.

notamummy10 Wed 13-Jul-16 15:13:04

There's no point in these petitions, the majority have voted leave- that's what is going to happen!

GardenBirdie Wed 13-Jul-16 15:16:01

...And by the way, anyone who thinks it's over clearly has no grasp whatsoever of politics, current affairs - or life. The catastrophe hasn't even begun yet, and nor has any of the real debate. Those. who want to keep their European identity - over half the electorate, according to latest polls - are still here, and will not be going away.

GardenBirdie Wed 13-Jul-16 15:17:49

...Not going away, except perhaps for new jobs abroad, as part of the brwin drain that's already started.

GardenBirdie Wed 13-Jul-16 15:20:09

There is every point in signing and sharing this one. It is being debated by MPs in the full media spotlight on September 5th. It already has four million signatures - we need many more, and then MPs cannot ignore it. #18MillionVoices - please help!

0phelia Wed 13-Jul-16 15:23:04

Lol another angry bitter Bremain thread. Ok.

The specific petition with over 4million signatures that you linked to has already been discredited because a huge volume of signatures were produced by an automated computer program which is well known, it is therefore null and void and won't be discussed again in parliament.

Get used to it. Own your future.

RortyCrankle Wed 13-Jul-16 15:27:54

Seriously, removing the UK from the EU doesn't mean you are no longer European, if that's what you want to be. We will still be in Europe, just not the EU.

WindPowerRanger I really respect you for your post and as a Remainer you are rarer than hens teeth.

notamummy10 Wed 13-Jul-16 15:29:41

How about focusing on the 30% who couldn't be bothered to vote? They're the ones at fault here, the ones who voted got to have their say, and the majority were clearly unhappy with being in the EU so voted out!

RortyCrankle Wed 13-Jul-16 15:30:01

What a pity MN doesn't have a [bashing your head against a brick wall] emote .

mollie123 Wed 13-Jul-16 15:31:02

It is to be debated by a small group of backbench MPs - 11 I believe not the full 'house'
It will not force a 2nd referendum
The first referendum was the result of a vote being passed in the HOC
this debate is because they have to given the number 'signing' (even though lots were fraudulent and therefore there were not really 4 million 'signatures')
I am tired of saying this - so you will be glad to know this is my last post on this particular subject.
I would suggest that everyone should research, reason and question everything they read on social media and get up to speed on how our particular political system works
I'm out.

lljkk Wed 13-Jul-16 15:31:06

yes it will be discussed in Parliament, we got an email to say as much, mine arrived at 5:13pm yesterday. I signed in faith that at least it would prompt a Parliamentary discussion.

Dear <lljkk>

You recently signed the petition “EU Referendum Rules triggering a 2nd EU Referendum”:

The Petitions Committee has decided to schedule a House of Commons debate on this petition. The debate will take place on 5 September at 4.30pm in Westminster Hall, the second debating chamber of the House of Commons. The debate will be opened by Ian Blackford MP.

The Committee has decided that the huge number of people signing this petition means that it should be debated by MPs. The Petitions Committee would like to make clear that, in scheduling this debate, they are not supporting the call for a second referendum. The debate will allow MPs to put forward a range of views on behalf of their constituents. At the end of the debate, a Government Minister will respond to the points raised.

A debate in Westminster Hall does not have the power to change the law, and won’t end with the House of Commons deciding whether or not to have a second referendum. Moreover, the petition – which was opened on 25 May, well before the referendum – calls for the referendum rules to be changed. It is now too late for the rules to be changed retrospectively. It will be up to the Government to decide whether it wants to start the process of agreeing a new law for a second referendum.

The Petitions Committee is a cross-party group of MPs. It is independent from Government. You can find out more about the Committee on its website:

The Petitions team
UK Government and Parliament

WordGetsAround Wed 13-Jul-16 15:34:49

Garden you really should stop reading all these apocalyptic predictions - or at least stop repeating them. It's not going to happen.

Pootles2010 Wed 13-Jul-16 15:34:56

Entirely agree with Wind - I also voted remain, and am gutted to be leaving the EU - but I'd be more gutted to think I didn't live in a democracy. We lost, now lets move on. And please put your thread on the 'EU Ref' topic so I don't have to see it...

GardenBirdie Wed 13-Jul-16 15:34:56

Ophelia, do you ever watch the news, or read what's happening? The petition, without the illegal additions, still has well over 4m signatures - growing all the time - and will be debated in Parliament on September 5th. Take a look. I hope your fact-checking was a little better when you decided to vote to leave the EU... But I fear it probably wasn't. The petition was advisory, the debate hasn't even yet started, and if you know what so-called 'Brexit' means, you know more than the rest of us put together. Seriously, I advise you to start looking at the reality. I think you're going to be very disappointed. #18MillionNames @18mNames

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