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The Biggest Resignation Yet

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claig Mon 27-Jun-16 23:46:24

They are falling like flies, the stooges.

But all of those nonentities are eclipsed by the biggest resignation yet.

Roy Hodgson has resigned. We lost 2-1 to Iceland.

What on earth is happening to the country?

The Establishment is in meltdown, stooges are resigning and calling each other names (which makes a change from them calling the voters names), there is no plan and Roy's preparation was woeful.

"Roy Hodgson quits as England manager following shock defeat to Iceland"

Heratnumber7 Mon 27-Jun-16 23:54:28

Hope the Queen doesn't die, or we really will be leaderless.

Totallypearshaped Mon 27-Jun-16 23:57:20

No, the queen won't die, she's in NI and it's against the rules grin

Got to admire her energy, she's looking at the giant's causeway tomorrow.
Looks like she's the only one with sticking power or a plan.

Heratnumber7 Mon 27-Jun-16 23:59:44

I'd like to see her taking control and instructing her MPs to get a grip on things. Or leading us herself. She should call all the party leaders to BP and make them play nicely with each other and work out a plan.

LineyReborn Tue 28-Jun-16 00:02:24

I suppose a royal tragedy would engulf us in a diversionary Shakespearean drama of sorts.

claig Tue 28-Jun-16 00:03:33

I think Roy should have put the Queen in goal. She couldn't have done worse.

yougottheshining Tue 28-Jun-16 00:05:58

Two brexits in four days. You've got to admire England's determined stance really.

claig Tue 28-Jun-16 00:07:10

'Two brexits in four days' grin

LineyReborn Tue 28-Jun-16 00:09:21

I thought the Joe of Harts had a terrible game. The Queen would definitely have saved that second Iceland goal.

KateInKorea Tue 28-Jun-16 00:12:13

Yes, the Football team aren't waiting around for Article 50...

yougottheshining Tue 28-Jun-16 00:12:33

I'm pissing myself at the thought of the Queen in goal. Not as much as Iceland doubtless pissed themselves at the actual goalie, mind.

LineyReborn Tue 28-Jun-16 00:15:22

It's probably best that England aren't going on to be beaten by France, though.

TinklyLittleLaugh Tue 28-Jun-16 00:25:28

Joe Hart went to Iceland and didn't save anything.

I'm Welsh though, so finding the football quite amusing.

BlunderWomansCat Tue 28-Jun-16 00:28:31


yougottheshining Tue 28-Jun-16 00:31:10

True. At least this way they can go with their heads held high, safe in the knowledge they were beaten by a country with a population the size of Lewisham.

ample Tue 28-Jun-16 00:31:11

I'm not shocked by his resignation.
Did fans really think the Engalnd team would go further. Predictable as ever. That's one thing you can put money on.

LineyReborn Tue 28-Jun-16 00:35:25

I do think that Glenn Hoddle is the man to send in to negotiate the terms of continued European economic cooperation. 'We just have to break them down now, break them down <sobs> '

PurpleTango Tue 28-Jun-16 00:38:47

Oh its football sad I hoped Corbyn had resigned then....Back to the dishes .....

TinklyLittleLaugh Tue 28-Jun-16 00:39:40

How does Glenn Hoddle, publicly unashamed disablist cunt, even get on the telly? That's what I'd like to know.

BlunderWomansCat Tue 28-Jun-16 00:40:17

What's Chris Waddle up to these days?

KimmySchmidtsSmile Tue 28-Jun-16 00:42:27

I want an Iceland vs Wales final football That would be awesome.
Björk and Charlotte Church could do a duet about it.

ample Tue 28-Jun-16 00:43:48

Engalnd, yes that's the new spelling.

Eigg Tue 28-Jun-16 00:46:56

I saw something on FB which said:

"England's manager earns 4.6million a year.
Iceland's manager is a part time dentist"

If that's true, it must be somewhat galling.

ample Tue 28-Jun-16 00:57:48

Yes Eigg maybe they should consider hiring a dentist for the next managerial position. They don't have anything to lose!

LineyReborn Tue 28-Jun-16 01:01:13

I think we'll probably be able to afford a moderately well-qualified 0.25 FTE denture technician.

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