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This weeks public sector failure:-

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ProfessorPreciseaBug Sat 25-Jun-16 05:06:38

The life of little Ellie Butler..... We can be sure lessons will be learned

Cosmiccreepers203 Sat 25-Jun-16 10:35:44

It wasn't the fault of Social Services or public sector workers. It was the decision of the judge and the mishandling by the private social workers she brought in to handle the case.

Cosmiccreepers203 Sat 25-Jun-16 10:36:40

The lesson learned is that the private sector is no more reliable than the public sector, less so as they aren't inspected or regulated.

BrendaFurlong Sun 26-Jun-16 16:25:25

The LA SWs and the child's guardian were utterly opposed to her return. It was an extraordinary decision by the judge in face of the opinions of every other public service worker employed on the case.

HMF1 Sun 26-Jun-16 16:30:37

So OP would you agree it was not a failure by the public sector but a catastrophic failure by a judge who thought their opinion was better than the professional opinion of those working with that family.

MarmaladeAndEggs Tue 28-Jun-16 19:44:40

Please remember - first it was the fault of her parents. They were the toxic ones, they killed her. The rest is just officials not recognising (or recognising and not being able to do anything about) the toxic nature of that relationship.

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