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Ben butler sentenced!

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scottishegg Wed 22-Jun-16 13:36:36

After the horrific murder of his 6 year old daughter Ben Butler has been sentenced to 23 years in prison. His partner and the mother of Ellie has been sentenced to 42 months for child cruelty and perverting the course of justice! Despicable! I have a number of questions about this! Was his partner a victim of sorts or was she as bad as him for protecting him over her daughter?

Iliveinalighthousewiththeghost Thu 23-Jun-16 00:38:39

The only victim here is Ellie.
By no means am I saying I'd win but I'd stand up and fight a beast to protect my dd.
. 42 months for covering up for the bastard. it were up to me she'd have got 42 years and even that's too generous.
Him. I'd throw away the key.
There's needs to be answers here. That brute had already shaken little Ellie as a baby, and she was taken from her loving grandparents and sent back to him. Another example of a poor little defenceless innocent child being failed.

Rainbunny Thu 23-Jun-16 21:16:04

I want a full enquiry into the family court system and the individual judge's decision that put that poor little girl back under his control in the face of clear and strong evidence that he was a violent man with previous convictions for violence and evidence of injuries that sent her to hospital as a baby. I don't mean for a witch hunt but the judge's decision is beyond comprehension and has shocked many who work in the family court system.

ReallyTired Thu 23-Jun-16 21:24:23

The pair of them deserve to hang. Although to be honest I am not in favour of the deah penalty even if these two deserve it. The jail sentences seem ridiculously short for what they did to TWO children. I think I would be happier if Ben Butler had 40 years in jail and the mother had tWendy years.

I feel the mother is a child abuser as well. When the worst happened she subjected her younger daughter to the horror of finding her big sister's body.

The parents should be punished for the abuse inflicted on both children.

I wonder if the grandfather would have a case for sueing the judge for the 70k he lost fighting the case.

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