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Alex Salmond, "Scots would be entitled to a second reffendum" ..

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ProfessorPreciseaBug Wed 15-Jun-16 06:52:06

If there is a vote for leave...

Is that a dream ticket for England?

namechangeparents Wed 15-Jun-16 08:28:10

No they wouldn't be "entitled" to one Alex. But I did agree with your suggested amendment to the referendum legislation that a majority to leave should be required in each constituent country of the UK and I don't think it's remotely fair that Scotland should be dragged out of the EU if the rest of the UK (England) votes to leave.

If we have a situation where Scotland Wales and NI have voted to stay and England votes to leave, I think we have a big problem.

Why would a second Scotland referendum be a dream ticket for England? The break-up of the UK would be a bad thing.

MissMargie Wed 15-Jun-16 09:38:29

I'm pretty sure with no wealthy oil industry it would be a NO again.

But all this posturing makes house prices flounder. You aren't going to buy a property where, after Independence, the taxes are hiked.

peachpudding Wed 15-Jun-16 11:31:34

It would be interesting if England votes to leave but because of Scotland the UK as a whole votes to stay, would England get a second vote?

You would think the SNP would want the UK to leave so it can then have a excuse to hold a send referendum to leave the UK.

Overrunwithlego Wed 15-Jun-16 12:10:30

peachpudding I don't think so but its not quite the same thing. If Scotland votes to stay and england votes to leave, Alex salmond is saying Scotland should have a referendum to leave the uk. There would then be a separate follow up issue / refer fun with regards Scotland joining the EU. So the comparison would be England having a referendum to leave the uk, which I think would automatically take them out of the EU?

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