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AnotherEffingOrangeRevel Wed 08-Jun-16 11:05:32

I'm interested in how many people really think "Yes, that looks fine" about the Bilderberg conference, and how many are just unaware of the incredibly close and secretive links between (for example) politicians, big business, the super-rich, banks, secret services, etc..

Does anyone really think this all looks hunky dory?

claig Wed 08-Jun-16 11:25:08

Move along, nothing to see here. A finer, more upstanding bunch of elitists you would not be privileged to find. These good people have our best interests at heart, philanthropists one and all. They are probably discussing how to do what's right for us and they keep it secret in order not to bother us with the details.

Luvverly people.

AnotherEffingOrangeRevel Wed 08-Jun-16 11:45:14


quencher Wed 08-Jun-16 11:50:46

I agree with nothing to see here grin
We are not invited, you know. Keep out and mind your own predicted business.

Sunnsoo Wed 08-Jun-16 12:20:09

This will go pop...

AnotherEffingOrangeRevel Wed 08-Jun-16 12:24:51

What will, Sunsoo?

Sunnsoo Wed 08-Jun-16 12:25:55

This thread. It won't last whether it's positive or negative.

VulcanWoman Wed 08-Jun-16 12:26:28

I've heard they're having a foam party.

AnotherEffingOrangeRevel Wed 08-Jun-16 12:32:43

I doubt it, Sunnsoo - it's had more mainstream coverage the past few years (it's existence, not it's agenda, of course) as they've been forced to start acknowledging it more. More likely I think that over the next few years it will simply be replaced/augmented by something different as people slowly catch on...

sleepyhead Wed 08-Jun-16 12:34:21

Jon Ronson went looking for them once.

And here.

I don't know what I think about it tbh. It's not unusual for groups like this to set themselves up as exclusive clubs. Did anyone else notice the similarity to the descriptions of the camp in the woods in Armistead Maupin's Tales of the City? Lots of low-key homoeroticism and stuffed shirt, middle aged business men reliving their boyhood and burning "the Owl of Care".

PenguinWatch Wed 08-Jun-16 16:08:30

You should google Bohemian Grove!

In fact, just read Jon Ronson's book "Them: Adventures With Extremists".

megletthesecond Wed 08-Jun-16 16:15:16

I'm fascinated by the Bilderberg meetings. What are they up to this year?

HoneyDragon Wed 08-Jun-16 16:17:56

Are these them lizard folk that Mr Ike is concerned about?

claig Wed 08-Jun-16 16:42:01

'What are they up to this year?'

"There is no detailed agenda, no resolutions are proposed, no votes are taken, and no policy statements are issued.

However, its website reveals topics due for discussion this year include 'Europe', with subtopics listed as 'migration, growth, reform, vision, unity'.

Russia, the Middle East, the US political landscape, cyber security and technological innovation will also be up for discussion."

Lindsey Graham is going. Trump doesn't like him.

claig Wed 08-Jun-16 16:50:07

Some sites are saying that they have leaks about possible talk of internet ID, online passport for accessing some social media sites etc.

claig Wed 08-Jun-16 17:03:47

Some sites are saying it has something to do with the EU etc

"Will you soon need a government ID to log into Facebook? Europe Commission proposes controversial scheme to access social media sites
National ID cards would be needed to log in to online services like Twitter
The idea has been presented by Andrus Ansip who is from Estonia
The main reason is to prevent fake user reviews that mislead consumers
Many people are unhappy saying it will eradicate online privacy"

Andrus Ansip is former Prime Minister of Estonia, now working for the EU. Also a former communist.

"Mr Ansip is from Estonia, where they currently have a highly-developed national ID card system."

I remember years ago when New Labour was going full steam ahead with ID card ideas etc that Charles Clarke made a programme about the Estonian system - very New Labour, the usual stuff they like.

claig Wed 08-Jun-16 17:13:10

Breitbart had an article on the socialist scheme a week ago

"The European Commission Wants You To Log Into Social Media Accounts With Govt-Issued ID Cards
“Calling on us to log onto YouTube with national IDs etc shows a direction of travel which should worry anybody who believes in personal liberty,” said Ms. James, adding: “Voting Leave in this Brexit Referendum is our way to shout “Stop” and put an end to this madness.”

If we vote to "take back control" as Gove says, maybe Gove and Boris won't join in this socialist thing.

claig Wed 08-Jun-16 17:20:20

The future under this socialist scheme doesn't bear thinking about. Suppose a teenager uploads a youtube video taking the mickey in libertarian fashion of a senior Turkish politician, for example. How long would it be before a European Arrest Warrant was slapped on the teenager for taking the piss.

I'm voting Brexit. I'll put my faith in Gove and Boris. The land of Shakespeare, of PG Wodehouse and Monty Python, of mockery, laughter and freedom, should not turn into a socialist Orwellian nightmare.

Keep your fingers crossed that Trump gets in, he'll do the right thing.

claig Fri 10-Jun-16 06:55:14

Charlie Skelton, the Guardian's Bilderberg reporter, interviewed from Dresden by Alex Jones.

Jones overpraises Skelton and exaggerates about some things as usual. Skelton says that the next big thing on Bilderberg's agenda is "the end of privacy".

He says the head of Bilderberg was asked "is privacy dead?" and he answered "yes".

fourmummy Fri 10-Jun-16 07:16:43

Claig - every society that has ever existed, beyond hunter-gatherer bands or tribes has had a beurocratic class implementing the instructions of the power-holders (the 'elites', as you call them). That's why there's no genuine democracy anywhere - only grades of it. One man can't do anything in the face of this. It's a foregone conclusion what happens next.

claig Fri 10-Jun-16 07:34:03

"One man can't do anything in the face of this"

I think you underestimate Donald J Trump grin

He has them spinning in circles, puppets from Lisbon to London to Las Vegas, servants from Rome to Rio and globalists from the Grand Canyon to the offices of Goldman Sachs are beside themselves and haven't got a clue how to handle Trump.

Trump said " “We will no longer surrender this country or its people to the false song of globalism” and the panic in boardrooms and the BBC was like nothing anyone had ever witnessed.

Crisis meetings were held, cronies were called upon and teenage whizzkids from Oxbridge were flown in and no publicly funded taxpayer expense was spared. Charidees were coordinated, chuggers were sent out on the streets to drum up funds to fight Trump and stop the people's revolution.

You say "one man can't do anything in the face of this", then why do we read headlines of their utter panic at Donald J Trump

"Trump terrifies world leaders

And Obama’s reassurances aren’t calming them down.
“They’re scared and they’re trying to understand how real this is,” said one American official in touch with foreign leaders. “They all ask. They follow our politics with excruciating detail. They ask: ‘What is this Trump phenomenon? Can he really win? "

Bilderberg have invited Senator Lindsey Graham who can't stand Trump and whom Trump can't stand to Bilderberg. Trump is on their agenda, but they won't stump the Trump.

claig Fri 10-Jun-16 07:39:39

In a US election year, Bilderberg is normally held in America, but this year with Trump, they didn't dare hold it in America in case Trump turned the spotlight on the servants and they went to Germany instead.

fourmummy Fri 10-Jun-16 07:52:13

I'd love for someone to come along and sweep the shit out but, just like with this referendum, I can't help but think that power-holders will never allow a bunch of proles to destabilise their troughsBusiness. He's fighting a valiant battle, I'll give him that, but it's just not going to happen. If it does, then that's something that'll really be worth seeing in our lifetimes (ditto Leave). We're all waiting with bated breath but I don't hold out much hope. Would love to see it, though.

claig Fri 10-Jun-16 08:14:15

You're probably right, but we have to keep hope alive. They have given us a vote in a referendum and we may well carpe diem and bring their superstate to an end and end all their communist id card plans which are part of their "end of privacy" agenda. We will find out in just over 2 weeks' time.

fourmummy Fri 10-Jun-16 08:15:49

Yes, once-in-a-lifetime-opportunity does not even begin to describe it smile

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