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Brexit the film, worth a watch

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sandrabedminster Sun 15-May-16 08:34:24

Brexit the film

I was on the fence, but I've been swayed for now.

Anyone that is firmly on the stay side seen it?

Hopefully stay will have something out to try to rebut this.

lljkk Sun 15-May-16 09:08:23

I don't believe for 1 second that OP was open-minded before seeing the film.

From the 2 minute verison:

"Really rather simple"
So why did you need to watch a long film?

"No one is proposing that we would ever leave this Free Trade bloc if we leave the EU"
We can't have both freedom to negotiate our own treaties & stay in the bloc; which is it?

[1973 was] "long before mass container shipping"
Modern container shipping celebrated its 50th anniversary in 2006

[Britain has] "the world's best universities"
Not by reputation

"using uncertainty and doubt to spread fear"
You mean like Boris Johnson comparing the EU to Hitler's ambitions for a Nazi empire?

"Hire and fire lawmakers"
You mean like when the Lords table amendments? They're so easy to fire, after all.

AugustaFinkNottle Sun 15-May-16 10:14:26

The holes in the arguments put forward in that film are laughably obvious.

StealthPolarBear Sun 15-May-16 10:15:20

Didn't you start this thread a few days ago?

sandrabedminster Sun 15-May-16 10:26:33

I started it in chat, but didn't get much of a response so thought here was better.

Actually I'm not sure I totally agree with that short version. I'm posting about the long version.

They are different films by different people. Not the same thing at all. Surely theyvjust mean the uk has some of the best universities?

Just because the Lords is a bad system, is that any reason to have even more powerful and less accountable people? Two wrongs dont make a right. Has anyone even watched the 90min film?

ThroughThickAndThin01 Sun 15-May-16 10:29:41

I posted on the other thread. Just seen it. Very interesting. I think the undecideds could be swayed if they watch it.

I'm very impressed by John Mills. He's just been speaking on Sky news.

claig Sun 15-May-16 12:00:35

i haven't watched it all yet but the first two minutes of it were really shocking and it looks like it is well worth watching.

'Hopefully stay will have something out to try to rebut this.'

I doubt it because it would most likely be called "Bremain The Flop" and what on earth could they say in their favour for 1 hour. The more they say, the more people vote out.

claig Sun 15-May-16 12:07:44

Who would "Bremain the Flop" have in it? Christine Lagarde, Eddie Izzard, George Osborne and Paddy Pantsdown? It doesn't bear thinking about. It would be a horror movie.

They "love bombed" the Scots, but they can't "love bomb" us.

As that famous Brexiter, Trump, alway says

Out! Out! Out! Get 'em the hell outta here!

claig Sun 15-May-16 12:26:17

Ladies and gentlemen, please take you seats for "Bremain The Horror Show"

Parental guidance is advised due to the cast of gruesome ghouls, ganglies and goolies who can be frightening and upsetting. Sick bags have been placed beside every seat by the management of the movie theater. Please note the position of the Emergency Exits as past customers have had to make a break for the exit on seeing some of the familiar faces who advocate remaining in.

There is Cameron, Osborne, Hillary Benn and Chuka Umunna. Ladies and gentlemen please remain seated and do not panic, please give them a fair chance to state what the Establishment's position. For those Bremainers who manage to remain until the end of the "horror show", they will be privileged to witness the piece de resistance - a speech by Gordon Brown in front of one man and his dog on European economic endogenous growth theory and the Arctic Monkeys.

claig Sun 15-May-16 16:08:12

Ladies and gentlemen, please be advised that persistent bad language will be punished by removal from the movie theater. Last week we had to remove a group of 30 after their refusal to pipe down and moderate their language everytime they saw Gordon Brown on the screen. The Year 1 class from the local Church of England primary school, along with their form teacher, were removed forthwith from the movie theater. Ladies and gentlemen please stop booing, I assure you it was absolutely necessary as the language was of a level unlike anything I have ever heard in my life apart from the time I asked the vicar what he thought about Gordon Brown and his Big Conversation. Let me just say that what he said would make an audience used to the blue language of "adult" comedian, Roy Chubby Brown, blush.

Offensive hand gestures made while watching "Bremain the Horror Show" will be allowed, as it is impractical to have to remove the entire theater audience and as ushers usually participate in these hand gestures. Badges, stickers and signs like the ones containing four letter Anglo Saxon terminology along with words like "Off", "You,""Go" and "Yourself", as distributed by the Head of the Student Council at the local academy primary school on entrance to the movie theater, will be permitted to be displayed as long as they do not obstruct and interfere with the audience's viewing pleasure of the movie "Bremain The Horror Show".

Direct and forthright language aimed at the cast of Establishment reprobates, serial liars, philanderers, expense fiddlers and bullshitters will be permitted. For instance, last week an audience member shouted out a word ending in "lock" to raucous cheers of approval from the rest of the audience when a senior Establishmentarian spoke in the movie "Bremain The Horro Show", but as the first letter of the word began with "p" rather than "b", we did not remove the person as we thought it was "fair comment".

Ladies and gentlemen, we know that "Bremain The Horror Show" is nowhere near as popular as "Brexit The Movie" and that "Bremain The Horror Show" has been rightly panned by every theater critic not on the Establishment payroll, but we would ask you to sit back through the lies and spin and scaremongering that you are probably all used to if you watch BBC Question Time of a Thursday, and enjoy our showing of "Bremain The Horror Show".

Winterbiscuit Sun 15-May-16 17:07:24

It's definitely worth watching smile

sandrabedminster Mon 16-May-16 08:10:39

Claig you are wasted here!

I don't mentiom brown on MN, last time that happened the general MN view of him was he was a great man with good intentions that will go down well in history.confused

claig Mon 16-May-16 08:26:32

'last time that happened the general MN view of him was he was a great man with good intentions that will go down well in history'

I think that was probably the MN sense of humour. Brown is the biggest joke ever and he was our PM. Incredible. Someone in the Labour party obviously had a sense of humour to put him up for it. The trouble was the British people didn't find it funny. But those grim days are over and we are on the way out of the EU, so the Labour campaign song was correct after all "Things can only get better, can only get better ... " grin

Vote out, let's make it a rout!

AugustaFinkNottle Mon 16-May-16 11:13:26

claig fondly imagines everyone who disagrees with her political views is in a state of panic. Quote:

There are 73 UK seats available for the EU Parliament. Pundits are now saying that UKIP might win half of them. Think tanks are panicking, they are all saying "what can we do, how can we stop UKIP?", because their entire credibility of representing the public wil be shredded if that happens.

But when the name Farage is mentioned in planning meetings, there is no laughter, just trepidation and utter panic.

*UKIP have got the spinners in a spin, they have got them panicked and demoralised as they see UKIP on the rise.*]

That all went well, didn't it?

claig Mon 16-May-16 11:38:20

I was right, for the first time in 100 years, a non mainstream party won the majority of seats in a national election and took over half the UK's seats in the EU Parliament. They panicked , picked themselves up, dusted themselves down and continued the bullshit but now we have an EU Referendum and we are going to win that one too. Then watch the feathers fly!

AugustaFinkNottle Mon 16-May-16 14:04:08

But manifestly no-one's in a state of panic about UKIP, are they?

claig Mon 16-May-16 14:28:13

I think Labour in Wales are.

"Labour Majority Gone In Wales As UKIP Wins Seats"

bowsaw Mon 16-May-16 14:30:34

the film does nothing to change my mind, quite the reverse, im happy to not support the campaign that sounds like a low cost cereal bar

claig Mon 16-May-16 14:53:36

Gordon Brown told us we had 50 days to "save the planet" and now we are being told that we have 40 days to save the Establishment. None of us believed Gordon Brown, do we Adam and Eve 'em now?

"Every household told: sign up now to vote in ‘historic’ EU poll

Massive turnout campaign launched as David Cameron says Britain has 40 days to stave off economic disaster"

This is what Boris seems to think about it all

"Knickers to the pessimists and knickers to all those who talk Britain down", declares Boris Johnson at a clothing factory in Nottinghamshire. "Vote for freedom on June 23 and I believe in this country June 24 will be independence day."

He is not on message, he broke free, he is running wild. he has smelt freedom and he is charging towards the winning line.

claig Mon 16-May-16 15:03:04

"Sir Humphrey, could you come over urgently please?"
"What's the problem? Run out of Chablis?"
"They don't believe us, they no longer believe a blinking word we say. They've smelt freedom and are flinging themselves headlong towards the exit, yowars blimming Brexit"
"Who? The cabinet?"
"No, the flipping people, the masses, the great unwashed, the hoi polloi"
"Can you blame them?"
"Yes, I blimming well can. Utter Ingrates, after all we have done for them and then they stick two fingers up to the lot of us. Can you help, Sir Humphrey?"
"Not really, I'm for Brexit and the sooner the better."
"Brexit? Really? What on earth swung it for you?"
"What Trump said"

claig Mon 16-May-16 15:25:26

"Ok, I'll bite, what did Trump say"
"Well apart from warning his British detractors that he has a long memory, he also said that the EU had been a disaster"
"Yes, but he bandies that word around for everyone, he says that about Hillary too"
"But are you saying he is wrong about Hilary Benn?"
"Fair point, but I just wish he didn't stick his oar in when things are looking desperate for us in the Establishment"
"He's only telling the truth which makes a refreshing change for a politician"
"But how does that help us?"
"I fear we are beyond help"

claig Mon 16-May-16 15:31:08

"Have you seen today's polls?"
"Id rather not look, Sir Humphrey, there's only so much bad news I can take in one day. From the last set I saw, I can only assume the pollsters did their polling at a UKIP convention"
"It was actually in Dan Jarvis's Labour constituency"
"Oh my God. What on earth are the BBC doing about it?"
"Panicking, like everyone else in the Establishment"

claig Mon 16-May-16 16:21:28

"WTAF, have you seen this, Sir Humphrey. Whose bright idea was it to put Ed Balls on TV? Do they want us to lose this referendum? Hell, why don't we line up all the waxwork dummies out of Madame Tussauds too and put a Bremain badge on them? Was this the work of a wonk?"
"I think it was the Chancellor of the Exchequer's idea"
"OK, that figures"
"Flipping hell, I expect someone will suggest getting Blair, Kinnock and Pantsdown to help next?"
"Already been done"
"Really? What effect did it have on the polls?"
"They took a nosedive"
"I might have guessed. We've got every world leader on the planet on our side bar one, the only one who has any popularity. Isn't there a chance we could win him over to our side?"
"Trump, sir? No chance. Trump is for the people, with the people, of the people, as honest and honourable as the day is long. It is said of him "he can't be bullied, he can't be bought""
"Yes, I've heard that about him"

AugustaFinkNottle Mon 16-May-16 16:22:37

MN, can we have a Yawn emoticon?

claig Mon 16-May-16 16:27:20

We've already got your username

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