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Anyone in belfast? 3 people shot in 24 hours. 1 dead.

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MarthaCliffYouCunt Tue 10-May-16 01:23:44

belfast live

What is happening? Its not just shootings, massive increase in pensioner attacks/muggings. It feels like we're going backwards.

RockMeMomma Tue 10-May-16 01:43:25

shock I hadn't heard it. Our friends live and work there.

MarthaCliffYouCunt Tue 10-May-16 08:56:19

Its shocking isnt it. Very worrying.

IPokeBadgers Wed 11-May-16 15:33:02

I know, it's horrible isn't it! I work in Belfast but live about 45 minutes away. I count my lucky stars because I feel that here, it's all an accident of birth or "there but for the grace of god...." in terms of how well life turns out. So much is defined by where you are born/brought up here.

Husband and I were commenting on these shootings last is scary because these things tend to escalate and spill over into society at large. I am old enough to remember some very dark days indeed and I don't want that to erupt here again.

I have long felt that the Assembly's failure to address social issues in poorer parts of our communities has meant that since the Good Friday Agreement, many of "The Boys" have continued on as before: some of it is politically/idealogically motivated but I think so much of it is just outright gangster-ism and holding communities to ransom with drugs/intimidation etc

For so many at the bottom of the social ladder, there just aren't the opportunities [and maybe the will] to get out of the spiral.

Scary biccies sad

MarthaCliffYouCunt Wed 11-May-16 16:01:20

Same here ipoke, i'm about 45 minutes away from belfast.
So true what you say about accident of birth. My parents lived in belfast when they married and moved away to where I live now before i was born. How different my life could have turned out had they not moved.

It must feel like a very unsafe place right now for those close to the victims of all this.

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