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Zionism on The Big Question

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OurBlanche Sun 01-May-16 10:29:10

Anyone else watching this and wondering why? Just why is she being like that?

It doesn't matter what your views are on the topic but the lady who is positing the Zionist/Israeli/Jewish view is just burying her possibly valid perspectives with her PA/victim persona.

If you haven't watched it, it is on Catch Up, the first topic. She has probably given a MasterClass in how not to... and handed many anti-semites a lot of ammunition.

OurBlanche Sun 01-May-16 10:41:22

Holy Fuck! She has just called a very calm lady hysterical. A nice calm, Jewish, Israeli lady who has suggested that Israel should be a democratic country that allows all people to live, whatever their religion.

That, apparently, is anti Zionist!

That has set off a shouty Muslim professor and now a calm, elderly Christian (of the dog collared variety) has pointed out that this has simply shown clearly that both sides of the argument live in their own worlds and don't/can't listen to any voice other than their own!

hownottofuckup Sun 01-May-16 10:43:30

Gosh wish I was watching it. Will have to check it out later.

BreakWindandFire Sun 01-May-16 10:45:53

Oh God, It's Angela Epstein. She's the Jewish Shona Sibary. She's always exploiting her family in the Daily Mail with embarrassing articles, like how she's sexually jealous of her toddler

Surely they could have got someone better?

OurBlanche Sun 01-May-16 10:50:19

It's much as you might expect, both sides scoring very cheap points, very very cheap points.

It really is the very epitome of how not to defend your position if you want to be taken seriously.

e.g. a muslim man asked a quiet question about one specific thing she had said... she didn't want to answer but Nicky Thingy asked her to... she said it was a shame she had been bullied in such a way!

I am not saying she was the only one who acted poorly, but she had a lot of air time and her totally PA attitude really stood out. The others (mainly men smile ) were just shouty, which only made her attitude of quiet smugness superiority stand out a bit more!

claig Sun 01-May-16 10:51:28

I watched it but was surfing the net at the same time so didnt give it full attention, but I thought Angela Epstein did a good job and seemed calm while being shouted down.

OurBlanche Sun 01-May-16 10:51:30

Ah! Is that who she is. I wasn't watching, just listening (cooking down rhubarb). That explains it then grin

claig Sun 01-May-16 10:54:03

'The others (mainly men smile ) were just shouty, which only made her attitude of quiet smugness superiority stand out a bit more!'

Yes, shouting doesn't win arguments and Angela Epstein remained calm and therefore came across as reasonable compared to the shouters.

OurBlanche Sun 01-May-16 10:54:34

claig her tone was quiet and determined but the content of what she sad was really quite odd. Not the politics/religious aspects - you could agree/disagree with that and still find the way she chose to shame/embarrass people into shutting up, the way she twisted anything she didn't like into being racist, bullying, to be a wholly odd way of taking part in a televised debate!

claig Sun 01-May-16 10:56:46

OurBlanche, yes, but there was truth in it because she remained calm and there was shouting all around her, therefore she did a good job as she seemed reasonable.

OurBlanche Sun 01-May-16 10:59:29

Yes claig.... she seemed reasonable.

But if you listened beyond that tone, much of what she said was utterly unreasonable. There was little truth in it!

claig Sun 01-May-16 11:04:35

I wasn't paying much attention, but tone is important because it creates a takeaway impression. I will have to watch it again to listen to the arguments.

OurBlanche Sun 01-May-16 12:11:05

I think that was part of the PA ness of it, claig. Her tone suggested she was being utterly reasonable, but her assertions certainly were not.

As I said, there were others who were being unreasonable, one muslim professor was particularly shrieky, shouty. But the disparity between her tone and the content of what she was saying really struck me. It really unbalanced the debate in some ways... made the content of her views almost non existant. The places she uses Godwinning almost as a battle axe even got the apparently sympathetic audience hissing/laughing.

I wouldn't want her championing anything on my behalf smile

howabout Sun 01-May-16 16:59:26

The elderly professor was Prof Moshe Machover who is Jewish and was continuously barracked (I believe is the fashionable term?) by Angela Epstein every time he spoke. AE sounded anything but reasonable.

OurBlanche Mon 02-May-16 09:05:48

Oh! He was Jewish?

That shows how successful she was, with her quiet, reasonable sounding blather. I really did not pick that up whilst watching. blush

And yes, 'barracking' is a good word for it. She was utterly shameless!

littleducks Mon 02-May-16 09:23:34

Just watched a bit. She does not come across well at all. Lots of outrage when someone speaks when she is but she happily interrupts others.

ThisCakeFilledIsle Tue 03-May-16 09:11:51

I find the programme unwatchable. It has been like Jeremy Kyle with religion every week that I have watched it.

Pangurban1 Fri 06-May-16 06:47:02

Was that the woman who said the use of white phosphorous was just to light up the sky. And the other chap said she was the same as a holocaust denier.

claig Fri 06-May-16 07:30:31

No that was the older woman who said that. Angela is younger.

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