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Housing & Planning bill Lords debate

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IthinkIamsinking Mon 18-Apr-16 18:51:18

I dont understand why pay to stay is tied to local market rates (pushed up by buy to let market, greedy landlords, no affordable homes and rising need for rented housing) instead of a national average which would be much fairer. I see the lords have trashed aspects the pay to stay element of the bill but I suspect Tories will use financial privilege to reverse the amendments. I'm screwed whatever..... live near London (now a commuter town) and my rent will more than double. Am so worried about next year. I have so many outgoings I just don't know how I will manage.

0phelia Mon 18-Apr-16 21:14:20

The Tory government being defeated by HOL on this is a very good thing. And another total balls up by the Tories.


BUT you are right the Tory Wankers will find a way somehow to screw over the poor.

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