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Death of Ayeeshia Jane Smith

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MythologicalPersonage Mon 11-Apr-16 11:58:25

Such a short life filled with horrendous violence.

She was hospitalised 3 months before her death and was misdiagnosed with a seizure. The hospital was unaware that Ayeeshia was under a supervision order with social services. If the hospital had been aware they probably would have probed deeper and found the bleed on her brain.

Shouldn't health records be linked to records held by social services? If the hospital had been aware at the time wouldn't this have given social services the evidence they needed to take Ayeeshia back into foster care? Maybe then that poor little girl wouldn't have died from a rip to her heart caused by her mother stamping on her chest.

needanewjob Mon 11-Apr-16 12:03:20

This story just breaks my heart. I cannot imagine wilfully hurting a child... They are so very precious

DonkeyOaty Mon 11-Apr-16 12:15:48

The SCR will reveal "lessons to be learned" and "missed opportunities" I'm sure [sarcastic face]

Poor poor child

AnchorDownDeepBreath Mon 11-Apr-16 12:21:01

There's a big thread here if you're interested.

In short, though, I agree. It'll be another "lesson learnt", but probably not much actually done.

Poor little girl. It's even sadder that she escaped and had a loving foster family, and then they gave her back...

Alfieisnoisy Mon 11-Apr-16 12:26:58

I would rather the SCR focused on how underfunded children's services are and how that might have contributed tbh.

How many services have been lost which could have kept an eye on this child? All in the name of austerity while those who could afford to pay more taxes squirrel it away.

In any case there is ONE person to blame for this child's death...her so called mother.

MythologicalPersonage Mon 11-Apr-16 12:28:44

Thanks Anchor. Gosh, the more I read the more harrowing it gets.

I hope that the Serious Case Review makes a recommendation for the government to prioritise the linking of health records with social services records.

dottypotter Tue 12-Apr-16 13:52:56

although her mother is to blame social services sent her back to live with her. It seems they are too scared to take children away for good. I'm sure the mother wouldn't have been bothered if they had not returned her she obs didn't love her or want to take care of her to busy taking cannabis and arguing with her boyfriend.

Social services have to stop making mistakes. Children rely on them when they are at risk.

HazyMazy Thu 14-Apr-16 18:20:00

Parents will say anything, you aren't dealing with a reasonable human being.

BettyBleue Thu 14-Apr-16 22:06:15

This story has upset me so much. Ayeeshia was such a lovely, innocent little girl, a child that a mother should have been proud of and loved and cherished. I hate thinking about all the pain and suffering she went through in her short life and the brutality and horrific nature of her death. I wish I had known her, as I would have happily given her a loving home and taken her away from those monsters. Her 'mother' is pure evil, rotten to the core and no punishment is too great for her. How she can live with herself after what she did to her own daughter, I do not know. Poor, poor Ayeeshia.

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