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France prostitution: MPs outlaw paying for sex

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LurkingHusband Thu 07-Apr-16 14:11:35

French MPs have passed a law that makes it illegal to pay for sex and imposes fines of up to €3,750 (£3,027, $4,274) for those buying sexual acts.
Those convicted would also have to attend classes to learn about the conditions faced by prostitutes.


Be curious to know exactly how the law is framed. Presumably the Napoleonic nature of French law makes it easier than the liberal common-law nature of UK law ?

TheSunnySide Thu 07-Apr-16 14:16:04


7Days Sun 10-Apr-16 23:43:18

Dunno about 'Napoleonic' French law versus the liberal UK law. Mind you, I doubt your average punter does either. As long as they stop exploiting desperate people that's a win.

Mistigri Mon 11-Apr-16 05:45:20

The serious French press seems to think that the law will be extremely difficult to enforce - it will just move the trade off the streets and onto the web, where much of it is already.

The law does contain some clauses about controlling Internet advertising, but they are silly and unenforceable.

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