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Awful. 65 killed in Pakistan, mostly women and children

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BreakfastLunchPasta Sun 27-Mar-16 22:03:32

So horrendous. My heart goes out to all affected sad

There've been so many incidents like this in the last week, it feels like all the horror is escalating.

Bluebolt Sun 27-Mar-16 22:06:50

Try to feel equal horror at all mass murder but targeting an area with a high number of children just sickens me to the core.

Sleepingtom Sun 27-Mar-16 23:10:24

I am horrified by this too. Just awful.

thecatfromjapan Mon 28-Mar-16 02:36:02


Fauchelevent Mon 28-Mar-16 02:51:50

Really devastating. I don't have many words but my heart goes out to Pakistan.

timelytess Mon 28-Mar-16 02:58:58

How cruel.

sportinguista Mon 28-Mar-16 05:56:02

These people are cruel. They have no hearts at all. My thoughts are with the victims and their families. It feels like an Easter of sadness. sad

sportinguista Mon 28-Mar-16 05:57:36

It actually makes me feel more angry than sad if truth be told. I feel a kind of white hot anger against these people. angry

scarednoob Mon 28-Mar-16 06:31:33

It says this morning that the Taliban did it to target Christians.

So that's isis, al qaeda and the Taliban all blowing people up within the last couple of weeks. These are not good times sad

BitOutOfPractice Mon 28-Mar-16 06:36:27

How utterly awful. How low will these people stoop?

Keeptrudging Mon 28-Mar-16 07:10:05

So sad. There seems to be no end to this just now. How terrorists can justify the decision to target children I don't understand, surely there's no religion which condones this?

StealthPolarBear Mon 28-Mar-16 07:12:27

Oh no

hesterton Mon 28-Mar-16 07:21:24

The tiny, tiny Christian communities in Pakistan have suffered terrible prejudice for years and years. They have bravely hung on to their beliefs. This is awful.

sportinguista Mon 28-Mar-16 11:51:14

I suspect they may have to consider leaving Pakistan then, it just doesn't seem safe to be there anymore.

BreakfastLunchPasta Mon 28-Mar-16 13:43:31

Now 70 reported dead, but more expected.

All suicide bombings are horrifying, but there is something somehow more disturbing about so deliberately targeting children.
Apparently there are more Muslim victims than Christian in this attack.

The Christian minority in Lahore are not wealthy, it won't be easy for them to leave. Becoming asylum seekers and refugees would not be an easy path these days either - not that I believe it ever was, just it's even harder now than ever before.

BreakfastLunchPasta Mon 28-Mar-16 13:52:29

It seems there may also be a misogynistic aspect to the attack, also.

From the bbc news website: "But many believe there may be a wider context to the latest attack - 27 March was the deadline set by an alliance of more than 30 religious groups for the provincial government of Punjab to withdraw a new women's rights law they oppose."

annandale Mon 28-Mar-16 13:56:06

Seems specially designed to stir up western opinion and encourage division and war. Daesh is a death cult.

MistressMia Mon 28-Mar-16 14:56:16

Seems specially designed to stir up western opinion

It's nothing to do with stirring up Western opinion.

There are all too frequent attacks against the Shia & Ahmadi communities too. Sikh & Hindu girls are regularly kidnapped, forcibly converted to Islam and married off to muslims.

Minority discrimination is institutionalised. There is a constitutional bar against non-Muslims becoming president or the prime minister of Pakistan. The Civil service and the armed forces do not promote non-Muslims beyond a certain level. Most non-muslims do menial work.

This brutality is just a continuation of that by the Muslim invaders of India who used terror and brutality to eradicate and convert by force non-muslims into muslims. Have a read of some Sikh & Hindu accounts about the atrocities carried out by the Mughal emperors. They are as gruesome as those by ISIS, such as boiling people alive.

PacificDogwod Mon 28-Mar-16 15:01:14

I am running out of things to say about these kinds of atrocities sad

What I am unable to explain to my DCs is why anybody would chose to believe in a deity or any kind of belief system that demands such suffering? As DS1(13) said today "What is it they want?".

Helmetbymidnight Mon 28-Mar-16 15:03:06

To attack children in a park- what greater cowardice is there?

Terrible news.

Amrapaali Mon 28-Mar-16 15:42:35

Its a scary, confusing world we live in. And it is changing so fast.... My thoughts are with the friends and family of the victims. sad

originalmavis Mon 28-Mar-16 15:47:06

It's as if they target the children to wipe out a generation and to just destroy the older generation and take away their hope.

Keeptrudging Mon 28-Mar-16 15:51:53

Pacific, I'm with your son here, "What is it they want?" All I know is I'm finding it all unspeakably sad just now, so much bloodshed and intolerance sad.

BungoWomble Mon 28-Mar-16 19:55:55

sad flowers

Why has fundamentalist Islam come out like this just lately?

originalmavis Mon 28-Mar-16 20:12:00

It's always been there. It's not religion but culture. There are some parts of the world where they've been knocking seven bells out of each other since the year dot. Religion is just a great excuse.

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