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Are any of you parent governors?

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robindeer Thu 17-Mar-16 13:04:34

The White Paper is out and here is one the most worrying bits (there's a lot of competition for that...)

With the idea that all schools will be removed from state hands I am seriously concerned that this is yet another measure to prevent community schools from serving their community. Parents should always be the major stakeholder in schools, and should work alongside the staff to ensure that the school is providig the best education for the children who attend.

robindeer Thu 17-Mar-16 13:06:38

Apologies for typo blush

hangs head in shame

planetarium Wed 23-Mar-16 12:20:08

That guardian article mis-reports the White Paper robineer. What it actually says is this:

"3.30. We will expect all governing boards to focus on seeking people with the right skills for governance, and so we will no longer require academy trusts to reserve places for elected parents on governing boards. We will offer this freedom to all open and new academies, and as we move towards a system where every school is an academy, fully skills-based governance will become the norm across the education system.
3.31. Parents often have these skills and many parents already play a valuable role in governance – and will always be encouraged to serve on governing boards. We will also expect every academy to put in place arrangements for meaningful engagement with all parents, to listen to their views and feedback."

That bit I've put in bold was ignored by the Guardian and by the NUT General Secretary - which is a bit unfair don't you think?

I read it as parents can be governors if they have the appropriate skills (and if they don't they will still have a voice in any case). I'm no fan of Nicky Morgan but I think this is a good change because a lot of people are put off applying to be governors by the playground-election approach. Instead schools will need to be upfront about what skills they are looking for to complete their governing body, and parents should be able to apply along with others. I think many will be more likely to apply if they know they have the specific skills that are being asked for.

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