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Tony Blair breaks silence....

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ProfessorPreciseaBug Fri 11-Mar-16 08:33:52

.. on the referrendum this morning on the Today program.

Given his record of dodgy dossiers and featheing his own nest, I am inclined to do the opposite of whatever he proposes.

He is supporting Cameron.

JaWellNoFine Fri 11-Mar-16 08:38:51

Yes. I think it's a good life policy to do the opposite of whatever Blair does.

Twinsareplenty Fri 11-Mar-16 08:42:28

Ah, the fragrant Mr Bliar has surfaced from his swamp.
I assume Gordon is next to appear...

SandrasAnnoyingFriend Fri 11-Mar-16 08:43:41

That just leaves you on the same side as Farage though!

Twinsareplenty Fri 11-Mar-16 08:49:32

Of the two, I know who I believe more. And it ain't Teflon Tony.
Just look at Farage's comments on Syria, on Russia, on Iraq, heck even on immigration - quality not quantity.

ProfessorPreciseaBug Fri 11-Mar-16 08:50:37

As Bette Davies said, "If I have to choose between two evils, I will go for the one I haven't tried yet".

ohforfoxsake Fri 11-Mar-16 08:51:36

I can't side with Gove/Farage and I can't side with Cameron/Osbourne. Can't even distinguish the lesser of the evils as they are all vile.

tilder Fri 11-Mar-16 08:52:17

So I have to choose between Blair or Farage? That poll would be interesting smile

UnmentionedElephantDildo Fri 11-Mar-16 09:01:13

I just can't bring myself to be on the same side as Tony Blair for anything.

I spent ages thinking I was an oddity, because I was so out of sympathy with his administration. Now I know that actually I wasn't alone then, just that their spin and discourse management was effective at silencing dissent.

Remnants of Labour spin rather than substance can still sometimes be detected, but at least these days it's challenged (eg on MN, posters now regularly point out that 'nasty Tory' actions are actually Labour policies, one running today about CCF). The party is still recovering.

And the Blair legacy (warmongering, plus stoking a boom but leaving the other lot to clear it up after the binge) is so cynical, self-serving and IMO nasty that yes, this might be formative of my voting intention.

Bluebell66 Fri 11-Mar-16 09:06:15

Given Tony Blair's disastrous record, I'm surprised the BBC give him air time...actually perhaps not, given their left wing bias.

Sprongpicnic Fri 11-Mar-16 15:50:30

Excellent. Leave it is then.

Hennifer Fri 11-Mar-16 16:02:27

I always really liked Tony Blair. True I don't really understand politics and probably didn't follow it very well during his office, but I liked him.

Is anyone able to sum up briefly why everyone seems to hate the guy these days? I mean a few words will do.

RockUnit Fri 11-Mar-16 20:34:25

It's not just Farage who'd like us to leave the EU.

It's Boris Johnson (mayor of London and MP), Priti Patel (employment minister), John Whittingdale (culture secretary), Iain Duncan Smith (work and pensions secretary), Michael Gove (justice secretary), John Redwood MP, Andrea Leadsome (minister for energy and climate change), Kate Hoey (Labour MP for Vauxhall), many other mainstream politicians, and many ordinary people around the UK.

Not to mention Dan Hannan, MEP and author of Why Vote Leave

ThisFenceIsComfy Fri 11-Mar-16 20:38:27

Boris Johnson, Ian Duncan Smith, Michael Gove and Priti Patel .......

What a fantastic list, that is.

slugseatlettuce Fri 11-Mar-16 20:43:17

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Kennington Fri 11-Mar-16 20:48:49

Kate hoey is a fantastic local labour MP. Am surprised she is pro brexit.

tictactoad Fri 11-Mar-16 20:51:00

Celebrations in the 'leave' camp tonight then.

RockUnit Fri 11-Mar-16 21:03:32

What a fantastic list, that is.

Are you being sarcastic, and do you have a list of fantastic pro-EU politicians?

It was simply to show that Farage and UKIP have a monopoly on being anti-EU, as the Brexit debate is often simplified as being Cameron/Osborne versus Farage.

It's actually not about personalities and there are many left-wing reasons to leave the EU.

RockUnit Fri 11-Mar-16 21:03:53

do not have a monopoly

ThisFenceIsComfy Fri 11-Mar-16 22:33:56

Well, yes, it was sarcastic. Just listing such people on a thread about doing the opposite of what Pants on Fire Blair supports seems to me a little...... pointless. I wouldn't follow them anymore than I would follow Blair. But then, it's all a matter of opinion.

No deep offence meant.

Personally I couldn't really care less who supports what. We all need to read up and decide for ourselves.

ThisFenceIsComfy Fri 11-Mar-16 22:36:51

And yes, lots of left wing reasons to leave EU. In fact, historically and even now, left wingers have gone in favour of leaving EU.

Hennifer Sat 12-Mar-16 08:50:25

Thanks Slugs. I didn't know about some of those things.

grimbletart Sat 12-Mar-16 12:19:14

Hennifer: if you happen to be left wing or a Labour supporter, look no further than the fact that Toby Benn was one of the most vocal opponents of us being in the EEC in the 1975 referendum - even sharing platforms with Enoch Powell to put his views.

ProfessorPreciseaBug Sun 13-Mar-16 07:35:24

It does worry me that you were unaware of such things about the political leaders. For instance are you aware that George is the heir to the Courtolds estates..? So he is one of the richest people in the country. Cameron has a similar financial background. Whilst to be born that rich may seem lovely, it is easy to loose such a fortune through poor management. The families of such people tend to instill on their children the importqnce of growing the family estate. Hence their basic allegiance has to be towards preserving their families huge wealth. Which has an effect on how Osborn views Europe as well as tax.

jellyjiggles Sun 13-Mar-16 08:00:32

I don't trust any of them! I think staying or going the uk will be royally shafted.

It's going to take a good 10 years to remove ourselves from the EU. Staying in the EU will crush the uk for all we've got. Leaving the EU the UK will be left completely in the hands of Blairs, Cameron's and Farages. It's all horrendous

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