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Wife could be jailed for not doing housework

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DespicableBee Fri 05-Feb-16 09:01:18

Quoteunquote Fri 05-Feb-16 13:33:22
clickable link

Quoteunquote Fri 05-Feb-16 13:35:52

What a bunch of hog shit, I hope she finds a life somewhere away from idiots.

Inkanta Fri 05-Feb-16 16:29:15

Hope she divorces him.

DespicableBee Fri 05-Feb-16 19:24:38

Doh how do you do a clickable link

RudeElf Fri 05-Feb-16 19:27:59

Is it against the law in italy not to clean or cook? confused

Quoteunquote Fri 05-Feb-16 22:32:32

[[ ]] these at each end of it

Betrayedbutsurvived Fri 05-Feb-16 22:42:08

Aw come on, that's click bait. Seriously, no one in a civilised country is going to buy that shit.

DespicableBee Sat 06-Feb-16 13:20:19

He really is taking his wife to court

GruntledOne Sat 06-Feb-16 17:22:07

The husband also reportedly said he had been “forced to live in conditions with poor hygiene”

Ah, poor flower. I wonder how she prevented him from doing any cleaning for himself to remedy the dreadful hygiene he was forced to live in?

The trial of the woman is expected to take place in October. If convicted, she could be imprisoned for between two and six years.

That's not going to help him with his cleaning problem, will it? He'll be living in total squalor by the time she emerges.

I must say, I'd be in serious trouble if that idea spread to the UK.

sportinguista Sun 07-Feb-16 11:26:33

I assume he could identify a mop etc if he was passably intelligent - but no he takes his wife to court instead!

DH can identify and use a myriad of cleaning products and actively likes to hoover. He is of Italian descent and from Southern Europe. If he can do it the other bloke should be able to.

Mistigri Mon 08-Feb-16 07:23:49

The Anglophone press doesn't mention that there is also an allegation of domestic violence against the woman...

It really is true that a lie (or a wilful mistranslation) can get halfway round the world before the truth gets out of bed.

And that gullible people everywhere will believe it.

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